VolunteerCrowd Partners with ClassLink to Provide Comprehensive Student Volunteer Resources for College and Career Readiness

IRVINE, Calif., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VolunteerCrowd (www.volunteercrowd.com) announced today that it is partnering with ClassLink to make academic-related service opportunities and student volunteer resources available for up to 1,800 school systems and their students.  

The pandemic changed everything about education – even service learning. School counselors support 482 students on average and are dealing with rapidly increasing learning gaps. Like distance learning, the pandemic amplified deficiencies in service-learning access. According to Philanthropy.com, students in private schools are 25% more likely to volunteer. Additionally, 70% of students from affluent households volunteer compared to 44% of low-income household students. 

Volunteering is essential for college and career readiness because it both develops and reveals students’ soft skills. With 72% of colleges and universities test-optional in 2020, admissions offices look at non-cognitive strengths to evaluate applicants. VolunteerCrowd removes several barriers to volunteering, with access to opportunities being of utmost importance. Any student can find academic-related service projects even if they are not part of a school or club program. VolunteerCrowd consolidates group and individual volunteer activity on one transcript, which students can send securely to colleges. Students can build upon their transcript through college and include their portfolio with internship, scholarship, and future job applications. 

VolunteerCrowd is the first app of its kind to be accessible to all learners through ClassLink LaunchPad. “Colleges want to envision a student’s future success. It begins with meaningful opportunities, which students often struggle to find on their own. Access changes everything. Students become curious, inspired, and invested, drawing a connection between what they learn and the impact they can make,” according to VolunteerCrowd CEO Amy von Kaenel. “Each verified service transcript is as unique as the student, giving colleges and employers new insights into non-cognitive strengths.”  

VolunteerCrowd supports the efforts of college and career counselors. The platform addresses students’ unique needs, from aligning volunteering to academic goals, searching for group, club, AP, or IB class-specific projects, to offering leadership opportunities. VolunteerCrowd offers virtual events featuring STEM and medical volunteer internships. The program trains students on volunteering etiquette and teaches them how to use their experience as a stepping stone for higher education and employment.   

“Volunteer experiences are a vital part of a student’s journey to being ready for college and a career. ClassLink is thrilled to help make these opportunities more visible and accessible to all students through our partnership with VolunteerCrowd,” states Patrick Devanney, VP of Interoperability Services, ClassLink.

About VolunteerCrowd:

VolunteerCrowd is the first SaaS platform that consolidates club, school, and individual volunteering on one verified service transcript. High school and college students find academic and career-related projects, track hours, and build their transcripts in one app. As students help others, they grow from the experience and develop desirable skills for higher education and employment. The verified service transcript becomes an asset to students as they pursue service awards and scholarships, internships, undergraduate and graduate programs, and ultimately, employment. VolunteerCrowd is available to consumers, clubs, schools, or employees as a voluntary employee benefit. Visit VolunteerCrowd.com or download our app from the App Store.

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About ClassLink:

ClassLink is a leading provider of cloud-based education products that connect educators and students with their classroom, their curriculum, and each other in richer, more powerful ways. As leading advocates for open data standards, we offer instant access to apps and files with single sign-on, streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. ClassLink empowers 14 million students and staff in over 1,800 school systems.

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