Virtual Career Fair: My Employment Options Will Introduce Diverse Candidates to Employers

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — My Employment Options, an authorized Social Security "Ticket to Work" Employment Network, will host its annual national recruitment event September 15, 2021.

The event allows employers to familiarize diverse job seekers with their job openings and find qualified candidates.  This will facilitate employer access to very loyal and motivated job seekers.  People with disabilities often have very good work histories and an incredibly wide range of talents.

"During this period in our nation, when businesses are hard pressed to find the skilled employees they need, our Virtual Career Fair is the ideal way to find men and women who not only can excel in many roles, but who also show a corporation’s commitment to fostering a diverse workplace," said Paula Vieillet, the Founder and CEO of My Employment Options. 

Employers and those seeking work can register for the September 15, 2021, Virtual Career Fair online here. Job Seekers attend Free!  Employers can take advantage of ‘early bird’ discounts before September 2nd.  Employers will have their own private chat room.

My Employment Options opens their online fair event to ANY job seeker in the USA from any state, even if not qualified for the federal program they are in, as a way to give back to communities. 

My Employment Options does not just match diverse candidates with employers, they work directly with qualified clients on SSDI or SSI (ages 18-64) virtually during their employment search to help guide them every step of the way as they return to work after injury or illness.  All services for those on SSDI or SSI are free because the program is federal.  My Employment Options has been helping job seekers since 1993.

"Ticket to Work is the best government program out there.  It truly changes lives every day! It allows job seekers on SSDI or SSI to not have to go about it alone and have moral support and guidance.  We don’t just help our clients find a job – we help them find suitable employment and can keep in touch with them and guide them for up to 6 years," said Vieillet.  "Many of our own staff have been on SSDI or SSI and have a disability, so we can relate to our clients and the terrific corporations who will be fortunate to meet these talented men and women at this year’s September 15 Virtual Career Fair."

Many of the thousands of individuals My Employment Options has helped place, work in remote positions which allows so many more people to access employment.   Others work on- site in their local community in almost every industry imaginable. 

Lori Adler

SOURCE My Employment Options