Vanguard Systems Makes It Safer for Industry Professionals

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vanguard Systems makes it safer for those in the wastewater and sewage industries. The Vanguard Pathogen Defense System is a preventative attachment for trucks that helps sanitize, disinfect, and cleanse appliances used by wastewater and sewage maintenance professionals. With the Vanguard spray nozzle attachment, crews can wash their work area, external controls, and high-contact surfaces throughout your work vehicles. 

The Vanguard System’s modular design makes it easy to mount on any kind of combination, jet, or CCTV truck. Using Sani-Solution™, an antibacterial and antiviral solution, Vanguard Systems removes up to 98% of bacteria and viruses found on jet hoses and other wastewater equipment.

Constructed from stainless steel, aircraft aluminum, and high-quality electrical and mechanical components, the Vanguard System is reliable and durable. Wastewater maintenance professionals can use the Vanguard Systems to remove grease, grit, and grime and other forms of waste while helping to sanitize the equipment to make it safe to handle and use once again.

Continuous exposure to pathogens and bacteria found in wastewater poses a major health risk to wastewater and sewage professionals. At just a few dollars a day, the Vanguard Pathogen Defense System is easy to install and operate. With the system’s antibacterial and antiviral ability, the investment put into the system will be offset by the reduction in lost time caused by workers falling victim to bacteria or pathogens. Make jobs easier, cleaner, and safer with Vanguard Pathogen Defense System

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About Vanguard Systems
The Vanguard Pathogen Defense Systems were created to specifically help protect those in the wastewater and sewage industries. Using high-quality materials that are made for professional use, these attachments are designed to help make sewer cleaning and storm drain cleaning much easier. If you want to help keep your technicians and your equipment safe, then the Vanguard Systems are the perfect option for your business.

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