Valuing Employees is a Post-Pandemic Recruitment and Retention Best-Practice

BEAR, Del., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Employers have a tough row to hoe, states workforce development consultant Darrell "Coach D" Andrews, author of the books, "Reinvention-The Pathway To Job Search Success" and "How To Find Your Passion And Make A Living At It." Coach D is a long-time respected workforce consultant, motivator and strategist. "COVID19 changed how the employment game is played, and now employers are scrambling to find qualified people to work. Adding to this, 3 Million Boomers opted out last year, took their packages and retired," states Andrews. "COVID19 also redefined how people see work, family, and life. Being home with their children, working virtually, coupled with the assistance of Government unemployment, gave people a lot of time to analyze their lives, work, and future," proclaims Andrews. "People no longer want to work for lower than living wage standards, watching higher-ups make tons of money while they break even, or be treated as a number."  We have a new normal in the USA, and that is "Being Valued."

A national workforce researcher who presented at the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association Symposium recently, an event in which I also presented, shared copious research on why people are not returning to the workplace. He concluded his analysis by stating, "More than ever, valuing employees is a necessary recruitment and retention strategy." Post-Pandemic valuing of employees includes:

  1. Flex-Time-Parents realized that they were not spending quality time with their kids and needed to increase this.
  2. Better Pay-People will not work for the bare minimum anymore. They want a livable and respectful wage.
  3. Being Open To Side Hustles-Many employers fret people doing things on the side to make extra money. People desire to make extra money without fear of losing their jobs.
  4. Treated With Respect-Fear managing will not work with this generation. Job seekers want to be respected and valued. Prospective employees have too many options.
  5. Shown Appreciation-Many of the staff of my customers tell me that a bit of appreciation for their work will go a long way. This paradigm is specifically true of the post-pandemic job seeker.

So, if you want to recruit and retain post-pandemic effectively, value your employees. Put systems in place, coach leaders, train managers, change your culture. If not, finding and keeping good people will be extremely difficult.

If not impossible.

Darrell "Coach D" Andrews is the President and Chief Passion officer of globally recognized workforce consulting, coaching, and training firm, Darrell Andrews, LLC and Associates.

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