Top Sales Trainer & Self Esteem Expert Named Novae Chief Marketing Officer

CONYERS, Ga., April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If you’ve ever heard the term “servant leader”, this would describe Haziq Ali. Each morning Haziq presents a segment called “Good Morning Millionaire” via phone and through multiple social media platforms. In this way he assists people from around the world in accomplishing personal growth and self-development.

You may think this alone is impressive, but what’s more impressive is that he does this every single day and has done so for seven straight years!

“Good Morning Millionaire” is free for anyone who attends, and the value gained by listening in is beyond measure.

Because of Haziq’s service, it’s no wonder why he has been tremendously blessed over the years. And now, he has been named the Chief Marketing Officer of Novae.

Haziq Ali has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. His first media appearance was a feature on 60 Minutes profiling his first business while he was still in junior high school. But his life hasn’t always been filled with success. After a few huge learning experiences that left him bankrupt, foreclosed, and homeless in his later business years, he was able to bounce back and generate millions of dollars in revenue with his new business endeavors.

Ali’s mindset and ability to bounce back impressed Novae CEO Reco McCambry. “When I met Haziq, he was new to the direct sales industry. But I knew that with his attitude and life philosophy, he would one day become one of the industry greats. We have been extremely blessed to have him as a part of our team, and his leadership has driven the growth of our company to a new level!”

As a Novae Founding Member, Haziq was instrumental in the inception phase of the company. Haziq continued to maintain the companywide #1 recruiter position on the direct sales side of the business. Years of top-performing status led to his transition and promotion to Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions. After 18 months of leading Novae to the most profitable partnerships and affiliate relationships in company history, Haziq was named Chief Marketing Officer. Haziq has been largely responsible for the growth of Novae’s Affiliate and Franchise Programs.

Blessed to be personally mentored by Les Brown, the greatest motivational speaker to ever live, Haziq is in extremely high demand as an award-winning speaker, trainer and TV/radio show guest.

As Haziq reminds us, when ending his morning calls, “Expand your mind to match your goals, or your goals will shrink to match your mind.”

Media Contact:
Arielle Dothard