Announces Availability of its Talent Intelligence Platform Driven by an Industry Leading Global Skills Framework and Responsible AI with Bias Prevention Capabilities

To enable the Fortune 500 and Global 2000s to win the war for talent, is launching an accelerated Enterprise onboarding program  

NEW YORK, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — has announced the availability of its Talent Intelligence Platform powered by responsible AI and global skills framework, furthering the company’s market leadership, offering higher accuracy, transparency, explainability, and greater bias prevention than any solution in the Talent Intelligence space.

"After two years of expansive data and tech development, in the face of the growing talent shortage, has created a global skills taxonomy based on over 300 million job descriptions extracted from a myriad of sources," says CEO and co-founder Dr. Shay David. "We are now leveraging our skills framework, which is more precise, robust, and actionable than any other in the market, to help global enterprises and governments hire, retain, and develop their workforce more intelligently and efficiently than ever before."

Based on’s skills framework is their unique talent mapping technology which uses a semantic approach to extract skills information from free text. The ability to infer skills from CVs and role descriptions in order to map tasks, roles and skills, sets apart from keyword-based, black-box AI solutions which miss more than half of the skills in a CV or job description.

"When a CV states that a candidate ‘worked with customer service to improve applications and apply best practices’, a keyword-based platform will identify ‘customer service’ and ‘best practices,’ and wrongly categorize them as skills," explains David. "Using our semantic approach, can identify from the same CV that although ‘customer service’ is a keyword, ‘cross-departmental collaboration” and ‘application development’ are core skills for this candidate."

When the platform extracts skills information from text, it is intentionally built to avoid any prejudice or impartiality that may be included.

"Responsible AI is a top priority. Our skills-based fairness algorithms do not rely on job titles or demographics, but focus instead on understanding the bias-free potential of each employee and candidate which can support and accelerate DE&I initiatives," adds COO and co-founder Isabelle Bichler-Elaisaf. " is unique in that it offers enterprise and public sector clients a white-box approach to integrating internal and external data, turning it into actionable information in a way that’s understandable and explainable."

"With hundreds of thousands of users on the platform, we’re ready for the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 to utilize our solution at scale," adds David "’s enhanced solutions help HR leaders gain x-ray-like visibility into the skills of their existing workforce and better understand how to optimize the hiring, retention and training needs necessary to stay ahead. Part of our announcement today is a rapid onboarding program for enterprises who need our solution in order to win the talent wars that are worsening in the tightest labor market of the past century." is now pre-booking tailored demos for HR leaders interested in winning the talent war. To learn more visit

About is a talent intelligence platform designed to help enterprises hire, retain, and develop their workforce, intelligently. Leveraging responsible AI and real-time labor market data, enterprises using’s platform unlock talent insights and optimize their workforce effectively in order to lower attrition, win the war for talent and the great resignation in one, data-driven solution. To learn more, visit

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