Online Master of Public Administration – William Howard Taft University Announces Limited Time Grant Opportunity

LAKEWOOD, Colo., April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — William Howard Taft University is currently offering a FlashGrant for their Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. Those who enroll by April 29, 2022 for the May 3, 2022 start date will save 20% on their tuition rate for the duration of the program, lowering the cost to only $236.00 per credit. Taft is an institutionally accredited school, recognized for offering programs that are flexible, accessible and affordable, with relevant curriculum that help students achieve their educational and professional goals.

An MPA degree is a versatile degree that helps graduates become leaders and make a difference. This intensive, graduate degree program provides students with the skills, knowledge, and network they will need to be successful professionals and engaged citizens serving the public good across local, national, and international government, nonprofit, and private sectors. The program is designed to meet the growing need to advance public policy, enhance public management, and bridge the private and public sectors.  Its curricular focus is grounded in a comprehensive view of public service education that equips students with the skills needed to implement effective policy; manage organizations with diverse stakeholders; and apply rigorous, evidence-based analysis to inform decision-making.

Some of the careers that would benefit from the MPA degree include: Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Risk Management, Environmental Consulting, City/Parks/Community Development and Planning, Public Policy Administration, Health Care Services, Politics, Human Resources, Non-Profit Foundations, Public Relations, Economic Consulting, Education Administration, and Research/Data Analytics. These are just to name a few, proving that the MPA degree can open the door to numerous opportunities, making a great impact on lives.

One of the many advantages of Taft University’s MPA program is that it can be completed 100% online. The program is presented using online technology requiring no classroom or seminar attendance. With two different learning modalities available (Independent Study and Directed Studies), students have the flexibility to choose the format that best fits their life, either working independently at their own pace or, with a cohort of other students, both with the support of a faculty mentor. Students will typically complete one course at a time and two courses, or six credits, per semester. A total of 30 credits are needed to complete the program, however students can apply to have up to 15 credits from previously-taken coursework or experiential learning transferred.

To assist students with the payment of tuition, the University offers a completely interest-free installment plan – each semester, the student only needs to make a 30% down-payment at the time of enrollment, followed by 3 monthly installments. For the Directed Studies format, students are also eligible to apply for Federal financial aid.

Prospective applicants can request more information about the MPAprogram by visiting, or they can email
 or call 303-867-1155.

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