October 28th—BePowerPositive Day in the United States

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The nonprofit Right Use of Power Institute (RUPI) in Boulder, Colorado, is proud to announce October 28, 2021, as the third National BePowerPositive Day in the United States. This year RUPI recognizes Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the Navajo Nation with its annual BePowerPositive Awards for their exemplary use of individual and collective power.

At just 41, Ms. Ardern, head of the New Zealand government since 2017, was named by Fortune Magazine in May 12, 2021 as one of the world’s 50 best leaders. It cited her handling of a terrorist attack and COVID-19; her "straight talk"; and her climate and gender-equity policies. In October 2020 she was re-elected in a landslide.

With nearly 400,000 enrolled members in 2021, the Navajo Nation is the largest federally recognized tribe in the United States with the largest reservation. Under the leadership of tribal President Jonathan Nez, it has moved from one of the worst COVID-19 records to one of the best. The Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health attributed this turnaround to the tribe’s community-centered culture.

Past BePowerPositive annual awardees have included Marianne Williamson and Resmaa Menakem (individuals) and YES! Magazine and the Public Broadcasting System (organizations).

Since few individuals, organizations, or institutional leaders are trained to use their power wisely and well, RUPI has developed an array of time-tested programs to remedy this gap.

Further information is available at www.rightuseofpower.org and www.bepowerpositive.org.      

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Dr. Reynold Feldman


SOURCE Right Use of Power Institute

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