New Survey Report from Grayscale and Talent Board Reveals Texting’s Growing Impact and Importance to High-Volume Hiring

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Grayscale, a texting and automation platform that helps recruiters streamline high-touch candidate experiences at scale, and Talent Board, a nonprofit candidate experience benchmark research organization, have released their new joint research report, The Impact and Benefits of Texting on High-Volume Hiring, based on a survey of 226 recruiters and TA/HR professionals around the world.

The report reveals that 64% of TA teams now use texting to engage and communicate with candidates. In fact, the survey’s respondents say that texting is the second most helpful recruiting technology for supporting their high-volume hiring efforts, superseded only ATSs. The report also features insights regarding TA teams’ greatest high-volume hiring challenges, how they’ve altered their companies’ candidate experiences over the past year to improve their hiring results, the technologies that best support hiring at scale, and much more.

Here are a few key findings from the new Grayscale/Talent Board report:

  • Texting Is Now Used at Each Stage of the Recruiting Process—While 13% of respondents text candidates at every stage of the recruiting process, the top three stages where TA teams use it most are: #1) at Application (35%); #2) during Sourcing (31%); and #3) across the hiring process for candidate communications (31%).
  • Texting Improves Both the Candidate and Recruiter Experiences—Respondents said the top three benefits of texting to their companies are: #1) improved recruiter response speed (54%); #2) improved candidate responsiveness (50%); and #3) candidates get the information they want faster (43%).
  • Respondents’ Top High-Volume Hiring Challenges—Asked to identify their biggest challenges when it comes to hiring at scale: 55% said, “Not enough qualified candidates;” 38% said, Candidates ghosting recruiters and hiring managers;” 35% said, “Speed of hiring;” 31% said, New hires quit in the first few weeks;” and 29% said, Candidates’ unrealistic flexible work demands.”
  • Actions Taken To Facilitate High-Volume Hiring—To improve their high-volume hiring results, respondents said their companies have changed their candidate experiences over the past year in a variety of ways: 40% made interviews easier to schedule; 35% increased virtual interviews; 34% fast-tracked the hiring of pre-qualified candidates; 32% improved the application process; 24% made work arrangements and schedules more flexible; and 21% implemented texting to speed up communication.

“Clearly, texting is now taking its place as one of the most important and effective recruiting tools for companies that need to hire at scale,” said Kevin Grossman, Talent Board president. “As we say in our new report, the talent market is so competitive these days that employers need to seize every possible advantage to recruit and hire qualified candidates before their rivals do. Recruitment texting platforms can create major advantages, as they enable TA teams to move with levels of speed, responsiveness, and reliability that are simply lacking in other traditional candidate communications channels such as email.”

“As talent pools continue to shrink, employers are looking for creative ways to create simple, engaging, and efficient processes that make it easy for candidates to engage with their team,” said Ty Abernethy, CEO & Co-Founder @ Grayscale. “We’re helping teams get creative with their comms to cut through the noise and reach their candidates right where they are, on their phone! With the help of SMS, open rates, reply rates, and recruiter bandwidth skyrocket, while response times, time-to-fill, and the amount of candidates who drop off in the process drastically decrease. With results like this, it’s no wonder so many companies are adopting texting into their high-volume recruiting process to help transform their candidate experience and elevate their hiring process.”

The full survey report is available to download here.

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