New Research from JobSync and Talent Board: Integration of Critical Recruiting Technologies Remains Spotty

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JobSync, creators of the first-ever Talent Acquisition Automation Platform (TAAP), and Talent Board, a nonprofit candidate experience benchmark research organization, today released their joint research report, Are Recruiting Technologies Delivering on Their Promise and Potential? Based on a global survey of nearly 250 recruiters and Talent Acquisition (TA) and Human Resources (HR) professionals, the report reveals that the various technologies participants rely on to source, recruit, and hire new talent—technologies that have, in many cases, been in use for more than a decade—still don’t integrate particularly well and often require creative workarounds or the use of manual processes.

The report sheds light on the specific recruiting technologies TA teams’ rely on most, which are failing to integrate seamlessly into the recruiting tech stack, where manual processes have crept into the recruiting process, and much more.

Here are a few key findings from the new research:

The ATS is the least well-integrated recruiting technology. Among the oldest and most widely adopted recruiting technologies, the ATS isn’t well integrated into the tech stack of one-quarter of the survey’s participants—the highest percentage among all of the technologies TA teams utilize.

Other vital technologies stumble over integration, as well. 16% of participants said their screening and assessment tools don’t integrate well into their recruiting tech stack. Participants also called out CRMs (15%), background screening systems (15%), and virtual recruiting event platforms (15%) for poor integration.

As a result of these integration issues, manual processes are sapping recruiters’ time and productivity. 61% of respondents continue to spend 6+ hours a week on manual processes. This is precious time not spent on strategic activities that add value to the recruiting function—such as actual recruiting.

Automation is the future but leveraging automation effectively is a concern. 43% of participants have automated up to half of their overall recruiting process—a figure we expect to increase going forward. Yet, 36% have concerns over the integration of new technologies with their legacy tools and systems. Another 29% are concerned about cost and ROI, and 23% worry about ease-of-use and whether recruiters will actually use the new technology.

“Without question, recruiting technologies are both beneficial and increasingly necessary for today’s busy TA teams,” said Kevin Grossman, Talent Board president. “TA teams need these technologies to compete for talent effectively in today’s market. But, as our data clearly shows, these technologies are not without their shortcomings, especially when it comes to integrating them into a seamless whole. Even the most venerable and long-lived tools like ATSs and CRMs still present the integration challenges. And recruiters and other TA professionals are paying the price in terms of having to come up with manual workarounds and use spreadsheets. That’s no way to operate in the age of automation.”

“The good news, as our participants told us, is that past integration efforts have paid huge dividends,” said Leah Daniels, Chief Commercial Officer at JobSync. “When participants have invested in improving the integration and automation of their recruiting technology stack, 50% said it improved their company’s candidate experience. Another 45% said it enhanced the recruiter experience, 44% said it removed manual tasks, and 18% said it pulled exponentially more value from their current systems. Clearly, as recruiting technologies continue to proliferate and evolve, the real area of opportunity for TA teams to lift their success levels lies in how well they resolve these integration challenges.  The impact of implementing such automation is immediately felt through the improvement of both the recruiter and the candidate experience, two areas that many companies are focused on.

“The harsh reality is that while stand alone technologies offer some value, properly integrated and automated recruiting tech stacks allow companies to maximize their investment both in their technologies and the recruiters who live inside these systems.”

The full survey report is available to download here.

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