Learning Tree Closes Skills Gap with Results-Driven Professional Certificate Programs

HERNDON, Va., March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Learning Tree International, a leading learning partner in skills training, certification and workforce development, today announced its all-new Professional Certificate Programs. By taking a unique approach, these programs assess and address the widening skills gap, offering individuals a clear path to career transition and advancement, while empowering organizations to upskill their teams for greater success. 

The news will be welcomed by anyone ready to transform their career prospects, adapt to a changing job market, and by organizations seeking to invest in a skilled, future-ready workforce. These newly introduced programs empower individuals and organizations to gain essential skills and navigate today’s workplace challenges, including: 

  • Leadership: Preparing leaders to be strategic and people-first in complex environments.
  • Cybersecurity: Building the tool set to protect against record-breaking cyber threats and ensuring compliance.
  • Modern Project Management: Developing project management professionals who can deliver maximum value.
  • Data Visualization: Understanding why and how to visualize business insights for growth and success.

Organizations are taking action to address the skills gap, with a 2023 Salary.com report revealing that 70% are focused on reskilling and upskilling their workforce. Learning Tree’s programs directly support organizations tackling the skills gap, incorporating a unique Integrated Learning Model based on extensive experience that provides results-based training for specific roles. This Learning Model creates a tailored and transformative learning experience. It meets learners where they are in their careers and helps them achieve mastery on a flexible schedule that fits their lifestyle and the needs of their organization. Flexible learning formats are available to support this approach. 

The Learning Tree Path to Mastery 

  • Integrated Learning Model: Experience deep learning with our unique combination of four crucial learning elements: Pre-Program and Post-Program assessments, hands-on training, collaborative learning, and professional coaching. 
  • Expert Instructors: Learn directly from professionals with vast real-world experience, ensuring learners graduate with the job-ready skills and confidence to succeed in their chosen field. 
  • Earn a Certificate: Showcase your commitment to professional development and demonstrate your expertise in high-demand fields with a recognized certificate upon completion. 

“The skills gap is very real, and it’s hurting organizations,” said Magnus Nylund, Chief Operating Officer of Learning Tree. “With our Professional Certificate Programs, we’re empowering organizations to bridge that gap and gain the competitive edge needed to thrive.” 

Ready to master data visualization? Registration is now open for the inaugural Data Insights & Visualization Professional Certificate Program, launching May 28th. Develop in-demand skills, connect with a community of like-minded learners, and earn your certification. Register at: Data Insights & Visualization Professional Certificate Program | Learning Tree 

Looking to transform your career in other high-demand fields? Registration is also open for the Cybersecurity Foundations and Modern Project Management Certificate Programs. Learn more and explore all the programs, including Future Leaders and Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership, at www.learningtree.com/programs/

About Learning Tree International
Learning Tree International is a trusted learning partner specializing in skill development, leadership training, and certification. Helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals, Learning Tree offers a comprehensive portfolio of courses encompassing technical skills training, leadership development, cybersecurity, project management, and more. Learning Tree’s vision of providing best-in-class training that meets the needs of today’s workforce is supported by a team of instructors and subject-matter experts with real-world experience, who effectively bring the company’s extensive library of proprietary and partner content to life. 

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