Kinettix Brings Global Infrastructure to Scale with Acquisition of FS24/7

Strategic Investment Bolsters Kinettix’s Field Service Capabilities

CINCINNATI, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kinettix, the go-to global leader in providing IT field technicians and break/fix dispatches to U.S.-based enterprises, announced today the acquisition of FS24/7, a company providing on-site field service support across North America. Growing 362% over the past three years, Kinettix is determined to meet the needs of businesses executing projects on-site and remote. FS24/7 expands Kinettix’s service provider network and helps to scale Dispatch1® as the proprietary operating platform for engaging with technicians worldwide.

Field service is growing in a post-COVID world where businesses increasingly value a virtual workforce. Kinettix provides a flexible, scalable talent pool to solve problems for U.S.-based companies around the world.

“At Kinettix, we are simplifying IT deployments for multi-site and enterprise-level companies. The acquisition of FS24/7 deepens our talent pool of field service technicians and engineers and continues to expand our global capabilities with enhanced account leadership to support partner integration,” said Bob Supinger, VP of Operations of Kinettix.

Kinettix offers distinct benefits not found with other field service management partners. Due to being a truly global organization, the company can dispatch IT resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — regardless of time zone. In addition, Kinettix is completely hardware and vendor agnostic through their field services management platform, Dispatch1®. This fully integrated tool provides absolute visibility into project updates, milestones, and on-site requirements no matter where techs are located.

As part of the acquisition, Kinettix gains a valuable asset in Josie Lewis. The former President of FS24/7 has been named the new VP of Business Development at Kinettix. Prior to her time at FS24/7, she spent many years consulting with business leaders on the systems and operations related to business investments. Now, she is looking forward to working with Kinettix customers to ensure that they maximize the impact of their field staff deployments.

“FS24/7 is excited to join Kinettix to help align global capabilities and grow field service offerings,” said Josie Lewis, VP of Business Development at Kinettix. “My focus as a new leader within Kinettix is to expand the service provider network and scale the Dispatch1® operating platform so that we can support new and existing customers.”

The FS24/7 team will strengthen Kinettix’s relationships and help scale the company’s global infrastructure. Through this strategic investment, Kinettix will also continue to eliminate the pain points experienced during field service technician deployments offering a solution that is unrestricted by country or OEM relationships. To learn more about how to prepare for IT Deployments, view the Kinettix Deployment Checklist here.


Kinettix is the global leader in providing IT field technicians to U.S.-based enterprises and managed service providers anywhere, anytime. They take the complexity out of identifying local partners in international markets. Kinettix provides stress-free and quick solutions for their clients’ IT field services dispatch and deployment needs through an API-driven platform, Dispatch1.

An Inc. 5000 company, their rapid expansion means more providers worldwide who can support even the largest clients 24/7.

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