Hyer Calling Foundation Announces Launch of Collaborative Partnership with Recovery Centers of America to Provide Career-Related Services Not Covered by Insurance to Help Alumni Seeking Employment

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc.’s  (www.hyercalling.org)  Founder and CEO Kevin Hyer, Esq. announced today the launch of a collaborative partnership with Recovery Centers of America (RCA) www.RecoveryCentersofAmerica.com to provide support services not covered by insurance to help the organization’s alumni and affected family members get a second chance at a career.

While RCA currently offers a robust Alumni Association, which enables former patients in recovery the opportunity to create a new, successful support system, the new initiative with HCF expands the company’s ability to provide their alums in recovery the tools and support to find permanent employment outside of the facility across the region and the business landscape.

“As the opioid epidemic continues to grow as well as Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and associated mental health issues, the numbers of individuals in recovery also continues to grow, increasing the need for career-related services,” stated Hyer, a seasoned labor & employment attorney who is himself in recovery. “We’re truly delighted to be able to partner with RCA to provide these services and help their alumni find a life-saving path back to employment and career opportunities.”

RCA is the gold standard in Substance Use Disorder treatment and co-occurring mental health conditions and has the Joint Commission’s National Quality Approval. The pandemic and now post-pandemic world have necessitated changes in RCA programming, adding new alumni support meetings and programs.  “We can really make a difference in people’s lives with the expansion of our alumni services and HCF offers the level and breadth of assistance that is unlike any other organization focused on helping individuals recapture their career and professional life,” said RCA Devon Executive Director Bridgette Vail.

Established in Philadelphia for the purpose of reducing and ultimately eradicating the stigma of addiction in the workplace, the HCF provides career counseling and related services that insurance does not provide for, so that those in recovery can get back on their feet professionally as quickly as possible, and at the same time, encourages businesses to hire employees in recovery and provides training to help businesses create recovery-friendly workplaces.

Prior to forming The Hyer Calling Foundation to offer people in recovery from the disease of addiction a second chance professionally, Hyer worked at SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania and Compass Group USA.  “Having represented a powerful healthcare union and huge multinational corporation in the employment and HR spaces, I understand organizations’ desires to do right by their communities and employees, but also fear the stigma associated with addiction recovery.  I started Hyer Calling as part of my higher calling — to break stereotypes of addiction in America — and raise the funds necessary to offer those recovering from substance use disorders the benefits of post-rehab support services that insurance doesn’t cover to give them a fresh start at work and the chance to create a new successful life for themselves.  This initiative is a natural outgrowth of that.”

 “There’s no doubt some employers are hesitant to hire a recovering addict,” Hyer adds. Yet while Hyer knows the statistics are daunting, “That is what drives our mission and the importance of what we do. The fact is,” Hyer continued, “the recovery community offers the American business community a huge untapped resource. Employees in recovery are so grateful to have a second chance at life and as a result are loyal, hard-working, and dedicated employees. It is mutually beneficial.”

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About Recovery Centers of America

Recovery Centers of America is dedicated to helping patients achieve a life of recovery through evidence-based treatment for substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health conditions. RCA has 11 inpatient facilities in Earleville and Waldorf (near Washington D.C.), Maryland; Danvers and Westminster, Massachusetts; Devon (near Philadelphia), and Monroeville (near Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania; South Amboy and Mays Landing, New Jersey; St. Charles, Illinois (outside of Chicago); Indianapolis, and Greenville in South Carolina. A full spectrum of outpatient treatment is also provided at many of these facilities. Patients can obtain care by calling 1-844-5-RCA-NOW (844-572-2669) with complimentary transportation provided in most cases. For the fourth year, RCA is recognized as having multiple sites atop Newsweek’s America’s Best Addiction Centers rankings for excellence.

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