For the First Time Ever: Employees Have a New Way to Stand Up for Themselves at Work: Announcing “”

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time ever, employees are not on their own at work anymore. Alan L. Sklover, an Employment Attorney who has assisted employees, only, worldwide, for 40 years – today announced the availability of, a website offering immediate access to Sklover’s collection of over 250 Model Memos, Letters and Checklists for employee use to raising and resolve workplace issues and opportunities, on their own terms, without the time and expenses of hiring expensive attorneys.

"For decades employers have assembled veritable armies of Human Resources Staff to – as their titles portray – ‘manage human resources.’ Employees, though, have had no-one on their side," says Alan Sklover, an experienced employee-side employment attorney and employee-dedicated blogsite writer. "Even the phrase ‘Human Resources’ suggests a near disdain for ‘Human Beings,’ who are seen as available to be acquired, maintained and disposed of when in an employer’s interests." Sklover added, "Sadly, those two simple words – Human Resources – speak volumes."    

On the other hand, until now employees have been alone; there has been no-one available to assist them daily when needed and within reasonable cost. Regarding problems – like harassment, poor bonus, dishonest performance reviews, toxic workplaces and being terminated, or opportunities, including getting hired, job offers, raises or promotions. And it’s only gotten harder due to the Covid pandemic. That’s where, comes in: it offers over 250 low-cost Model Memos, Letters and Checklists to help employees navigate their way through these issues and opportunities.   

Understanding and successfully navigating opportunities and problems at work is a veritable survival skill in the 21st century. However, there no school, college, grad school or other institution that teaches those skills. One mistake can hobble, if not destroy, a career. It’s usually a matter of walking away, or starting a lawsuit, both almost always poor choices. is low-cost, usually achieves real results in real time, and does not identify you online as a "bad person to hire" when pre-hire background checks are performed.  

"On the success side of things at work, successfully getting hired, obtaining a raise or promotion, and a super bonus also can be helped with the right request," says Sklover. "That’s what our Model Memos, Letters and Checklists are all about. They are tools, readily available by instant download, for a reasonable price, almost always less than $100." Sklover noted, comically, "Talk about disruptive . . . some people call it ‘The Apprentices Strike Back.’"

Job Hunting? Requesting a Raise or Promotion? Bonus a Disappointment?  Thanking an Interviewer?  Needing a Medical Leave of Absence? Harassed, Discriminated or Retaliated? Unfair Performance Review?  Finally, no matter who or where you are, or who is your employer, you are now "NotAloneAtWork" any more. 

About Sklover & Company, LLC: A New York law firm whose attorneys have represented employees, only, worldwide, for almost 40 years. Quite different from most law firms, their practice is dedicated to navigation and negotiation, and avoids, wherever possible, lawsuits.

About Alan L. Sklover: Mr. Sklover has numerous times appeared on multiple media outlets, including The New York Times, the Washington Post, National Public Radio and CNN on subjects related to employment and career navigation and negotiation. He is the author of "Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off – What Your Employer Does Not Want You to Know About How to Fight Back." (Henry Holt, Publishers, 2000). His blogsite,, contains over 1.25 million words of his "working wisdom."  

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