Equus Software Announces Strategic Partnership with AIRINC

DENVER, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global workforce management technology provider, Equus Software, has partnered with AIRINC, the world’s leading provider of advice, data and decision-making tools for global mobility, to help businesses meet the challenges of a rapidly changing international workforce mobility landscape.

The partnership will enable global mobility teams to access allowance data more efficiently, better understand the costs of international moves and provide market-leading benchmarking insights for their mobility programs at a time when posting workers overseas is more complex and changeable than ever.

Alongside Covid-19 disruption, companies are keenly focused on issues such as new trade relationships, human rights governance, green supply chains, nurturing local talent and building new relationships with customers and partners in new markets, to name just a few. Access to the best and latest data is essential when deploying talent in this dynamic business environment.

As fully integrated partners, AIRINC and Equus Software will offer a combined technology and data solution to help organizations balance risk and opportunity, respond at pace to changes in markets and supply chains, and get key people where they need to be at the right time. The most important takeaways of this partnership between Equus Software and AIRINC can be boiled down to,

  • Integration of real-time data from AIRINC into AssignmentPro.
  • A greater range of data and market practice insights to help global mobility teams manage mobile workforces.
  • Enhanced cost-estimate, compensation calculation and program benchmarking functionality.

"As businesses start sending more key people around the world to fix problems and take advantage of new opportunities, global mobility teams are under pressure like never before. Our partnership with AIRINC provides our AssignmentPro clients with access to a greater range of data and state-of-the-art, on-demand services to meet these challenges with confidence," said Mark Thomas, Founder and CEO, of Equus Software.

In addition to AIRINC’s data integration in AssignmentPro, the new partnership will offer the capability to show how this data – such as foreign exchange rates, cost of living and an individual’s compensation – changes over time, so clients can generate insights into the implications of those developments.

Global mobility teams can access real-time program metrics and benchmarking in AssignmentPro using AIRINC thought leadership and request holistic program benchmarking reports from AIRINC related to their specific program size, geography, or industry.

This policy audit capability means clients will be able to see how their program compares to the marketplace in real time with market-leading mobility insights, highlighting program efficiencies or areas for further review.

"We are pleased to partner with Equus Software to help its clients make more informed decisions about their global mobility programs," said Jeff Hawk, CEO, of AIRINC. "Effective mobility programs need to be supported by great technology, great data, and helpful advice when they need it.  By adding our data and benchmarking to AssignmentPro, Equus Software’s clients will have access to information that will help them navigate the increasingly complex world of business travel and international assignments."

About Equus

Equus Software is the global leader in cloud-based international relocation and mobility solutions. More than 2,000 organizations around the world rely on Equus tools and technology to automate mundane, transactional work so that global mobility teams, talent management professionals and other key stakeholders can focus on adding value to the business. Founded in 1999, Equus has a proven track record for delivering cutting-edge talent mobility solutions, continuous innovation, and exceptional customer service. www.equusoft.com.


Focused on workforce globalization, AIRINC provides compensation insights, allowances, technology, and advice to facilitate global and domestic mobility. AIRINC works with clients from small organizations to Fortune 500 across all industries and geographies. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA with employees located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, AIRINC has been collaborating with clients for over 65 years.  www.air-inc.com.

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