eMentorConnect & The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance Announce Mentoring Platform Partnership

ATLANTA, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — eMentorConnect announced a new partnership with The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance (The Alliance). This partnership will promote The Alliance’s goal to connect, collaborate and boost professional development for donation and transplantation professionals through mentorship.

“We have partnered with industry expert eMentorConnect to develop our new immersive platform, offering participants a variety of professional development opportunities,” says Deanna Fenton, Program Manager for The Alliance. “Participants will now have the opportunity to participate as both mentor and mentee in an enhanced mentorship experience, based on their skillset and professional goals.”

Nancy Wolk, Co-Founder of eMentorConnect, shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, “The Alliance is an exceptional organization to bring under the eMentorConnect banner. This partnership represents one of our key tenants: to support the delivery of mentoring programs and networking for peer support.”

“This strong mentorship program will enable professionals across the healthcare continuum to connect on a much deeper level. This will assist current leaders and emerging leaders to understand and appreciate the varying demands in different roles and in different regions, gaining a broader interdisciplinary perspective,” says Karri Hobson-Pape, Executive Director at The Alliance. “These stronger partnerships will result in a greater likelihood to identify innovative solutions to save and heal more lives. eMentorConnect is providing the platform to accelerate this process.”

For more information please visit www.ementorconnect.com and https://www.organdonationalliance.org/professional-development/mentorship-program/

About eMentorConnect

The eMentorConnect cloud-based solution is the mentorship platform that helps you manage and scale your people programs – including mentoring, training, coaching and onboarding. The platform was designed to support growing, Enterprise-level programs. eMentorConnect partners with companies like UPS, BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Hearst, and Brambles to deliver best-in-class mentoring technology and services.

About “The Alliance”

The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance delivers relevant, targeted and scalable learning solutions for the organ donation and transplantation community of practice – including organ procurement organizations, transplant programs, and hospitals. By convening members across the community of practice, it is a platform to identify emerging concepts and innovative practices, giving way to resources and educational programs of transformational quality and value. The Alliance partners with leading organizations across the continuum to advance a shared mission to save and heal lives through organ donation and transplantation.

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Nancy Wolk


SOURCE eMentorConnect LLC

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