Bernadette Gold Can Help Business Leaders Achieve Success Without Stress or Anxiety

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bernadette Gold offers both private and group mentoring to help Executive, Entrepreneurs and Business leaders achieve next-level success without sacrificing their health and relationships. Using her unique methods, clients experience exponential growth in business, as well as drastic improvements in their relationships and health in as little as 2 sessions. Sessions are available from anywhere in the world via Zoom.

Since 2000 Gold has been helping high achievers eliminate the mental barriers that create stress and anxiety. Using a holistic approach to unlock a clients’ full potential, she aims to transform their entire life and their business. Leaders that value personal development benefit from her mentoring, especially if they are suffering burnout, chronic health issues or relationship issues.

Bernadette Gold is offering 12-week customized programs for individuals and has a 1-year intensive group mentoring. Her services also include customized Corporate Leadership programs to create an inclusive, team culture. She says “Once you free your mind of limiting thoughts and beliefs, you achieve more while doing less. Higher states of creativity are available, making it easier to resolve conflicts and create innovative solutions.”

Leah Epstein, owner of Elifestyle Fitness in Canada created exponential growth in her personal net worth, adding over $600k just months after beginning her work with Bernadette. She also healed lung tumors. Leah says “Working with Bernadette I have learned that life doesn’t not have to be lived through a fear-based lens that is chaotic, difficult, and stressful. By using her teachings, I am in the flow. I have lot more time for everything and everyone. I can enjoy the now and be in joy, love and peace always!”

“In less than 24 hours my entire world began to change. I went from being stressed, anxious and frustrated with low energy to experiencing confidence and ease. Not only did the company increase sales, but a relationship also improved, and I felt good physically. I can’t explain it, but everything around me shifted.” Says Megan Flanagan, Administrative Director

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