Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship Now Accepting Applications for 2023-2024

Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery invites first-year students pursuing graduate medical degrees, who plan to serve rural areas, to apply for the financial award

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rhys Branman, MD of Little Rock announces the opening of the second annual Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship. The financial award is intended to provide support to first-year students pursuing a medical-related degree in Arkansas, who hold an additional interest in practicing in rural areas of the state. The winner will be able to use the cash award toward costs related to their pursuit of a medical education.

“We’re thrilled to once again offer this scholarship for outstanding Arkansans pursuing medicine and hope it will serve to encourage our very best students to provide care for patients in rural areas, where providers can be difficult to find,” said Dr. Branman.

Arkansas residents (attending any college or university) who are both pursuing a degree in a medical specialty and are committed to practicing medicine in an underserved or rural area of the state are encouraged to submit an application for the $2,500 scholarship. The application is currently available online, and can be accessed via a computer or smartphone. Applicants will be required to submit original essay-style responses in addition to a letter of reference that speaks to their journey as medical students.

Students pursuing the following eligible degrees are invited to apply:

  • Doctorate (MD, DO, DPM, DDS, DMD, DPM, DMD, OD, PsyD, PharmD, DCM, DS, DPT, DSN, PhD, DNP)
  • Nursing (RN, NP, CNM, CRNA, LPN)
  • Master’s (MPH, MM, MMS, MN, MNA, MPharm, MPAS, MSN, MSM)
  • Physician’s Assistant (PA, PAC)

The Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship offers the award on flexible terms: funds from the scholarship can be applied to a variety of costs associated with the student’s education, like tuition, textbooks or supplies, computers, transportation, housing, and campus expenses. The scholarship’s straightforward application process is designed to reduce logistical barriers for its applicants.

The practice’s scholarship committee will accept applications via the practice’s website through 5:00 p.m. CST on June 2, 2023. A recipient will be chosen whose application materials and references demonstrate adherence to the scholarship requirements, a passion for serving rural Arkansas, and an affinity for medicine; the recipient will receive the scholarship as a cash prize to be applied to costs of education in the fall 2023, spring 2024, or another upcoming semester.

“A dedicated physician can make an enormous difference in their community. We’re proud to play a small part in fostering the next generation of providers, who will be sure to have an important impact on our state,” commented Dr. Branman. “We’re looking forward to reading students’ applications.”

About Dr. Rhys Branman: Dr. Branman is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Little Rock, Arkansas, and a member of the Arkansas State Medical Board. Dr. Branman is certified by both the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Maxillofacial Surgery, and serves as a Board Examiner for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Branman is beloved by his patients for his caring bedside manner, surgical skill, and commitment to safety. His practice, Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center, is located at 10809 Executive Center Drive, Searcy Building Suite 100, Little Rock, Arkansas 72211; (501) 227-0707. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Dr. Rhys L. Branman, Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center, (501) 227-0707.

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