Arise Virtual Solutions Reimagines CX With New Digital Companion

MIRAMAR, Fla., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Arise Virtual Solutions (Arise), the worldwide leader in work-from-home customer support and Leader in Everest Group’s 2021 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Work at Home Agent Customer Experience Management announced launch of its new Arise® Digital Companion tool.

The Arise® Digital Companion is the latest innovation on the Arise® Platform as the company continues to reimagine the customer experience in 2021. Leveraging conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, the tool delivers a transformative experience to customers and Service Partners alike.

"We wanted to create the ideal interaction – one where we could scale proactive customer approaches, support optimal performance, and accelerate service efficiency," said Arise’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Etheridge. "Our goal was to create something that equally benefitted our clients, their customers, and Service Partners engaged in the interaction."

One of the tool’s most significant offerings is its ability to automate real-time performance optimization. During live calls customer intents and sentiments are recognized, analyzed, and trended. From there, helpful prompts and next-best actions are suggested real-time to assist Service Partners in delivering a meaningful customer experience. Service Partners will spend less time searching for information and more time focusing on creating a superior experience for the customer.

"Service Partners on the Arise® Platform are handling more intricate call-types. They need to be prepared to handle emotionally fraught, complex interactions. The Arise® Digital Companion gives Service Partners the confidence to deliver as needed. This ensures the customer’s needs are quickly and efficiently addressed, helping to promote greater trust in the Brand," says Etheridge.

To enhance efficiency, robotic process automation (RPA) has also been integrated into the Arise® Digital Companion. RPA capabilities help Service Partners focus on high value customer engagement by automating simple tasks such as updating customer information, processing orders, and documenting summaries of what took place during the call.

A significant benefit of the tool is its after-call-work (ACW) automation. Here, Service Partners can focus more on the customer and less on taking notes, writing call summaries, and entering after-call dispositions. This helps companies to decrease customer wait times.

Adds Etheridge, "With technology in the palm of our hands, today’s customers are expecting faster service than ever before. Having AI assist with each call, Service Partners are able to jump right to the next call in queue, keeping average hold times to a minimum."

The final element of the Arise® Digital Companion is its security features. By conducting continuous and regular searches of unusual activity, the Arise® Digital Companion can immediately escalate potential issues and provide relevant context in real-time. As an added layer of assurance, voice biometrics passively authenticate Service Partners throughout the call by comparing their voice to the voice print on record and put forward real-time alerts in the event of an ID issue.

Says Etheridge, "While the events of this past year have helped promote new confidence in work-from-home support, security remains a top priority for all Brands. With voice biometrics we’re able to deliver greater confidence by minimizing fraudulent behavior and ensuring customer trust."

Brands can expect significant return on investment by using the Arise® Digital Companion. Arise touts up to 20% reduction in average handle time, up to 80% reduction in after-call work, and an increase of up to 15% in net promoter scores.

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