All-New PPS Certification for Safety, Human Resources, and Human Performance

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PPI today announced the new industry standard in Performance Improvement- PPS Certification. The Certification process merges and synergizes latest learnings and developments in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Human Performance Technology (HPT), and Human and Organizational Performance (HOP). It develops a base of knowledge and insight that parlays into HOW-TO strategies, tools, implementation plan development, proactive performance measurement, and calculations of ROI.

“PPI revolutionized client abilities to achieve sustainable improvement through focus on the underlying motivations of choices, actions, and behaviors,” cited Tim Autrey, Founder and CEO of PPI Global and author of the international bestseller, 6-Hour Safety Culture. “Such focus is particularly important today as organizations deal with global events, multiple generations in the workforce, and hybrid work environments. PPS Certification now provides professional recognition for those who’ve grasped the approach of tapping into natural principles of human nature to generate WIN-WIN performance outcomes.”

Having influenced more than 100,000 Team Members and Leaders in some of the largest companies around the globe since 2005, PPI has helped clients achieve unparalleled successes. These include reductions in human error rates up to 87.5%, a 57.2% reduction in employee turnover, an 80% reduction in bargaining unit grievances, and a 65% increase in profits (small business client). It does so by tapping into the core of all performance, which when done properly, leads to growing a culture of one team, with one goal, having one conversation.

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