Zeal Technology Unveils Its Digital Adoption Platform for the iPad

BOSTON, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zeal Technology, a leader in the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) market, announces its universal Digital Adoption Platform is now compatible with iPad devices. Zeal’s DAP is an easy-to-use tool that sits on top of any enterprise or custom software, desktop, and web-based application to deliver real-time, tailored content that automatically populates as users move through different software platforms. With Zeal’s latest advancement, employees can receive workflow learning on iPads. Zeal’s DAP also supports applications across other platforms such as Windows and MacOS machines.

Zeal engineered its new technology to meet the needs of field employees struggling to comply with new or complex business processes. Now users can receive help and guidance in their moment of need, anywhere they can bring an iPad. With this new functionality, field training and remote software rollouts are easier and more effective.

"We were hearing that a major pain point for many of our customers was their inability to provide field employees with the support and guidance they needed on iPads," said Co-founder and CEO of Zeal Technology, Mark Somol. "Now that our DAP supports iPad applications, new software training and rollouts are not only more convenient, but also make a positive, lasting impact on employees. With real-time guidance that pops up directly on their iPad, users feel more supported, engaged, and productive."

For example, customers using Zeal’s DAP can access real-time guidance in their customer relationship management (CRM) software, delivered directly on an iPad. Zeal’s Digital Adoption Platform for iPad is ideal for manufacturing employees, healthcare workers, or anyone who uses an iPad for their job.

About Zeal Technology:
Zeal’s customizable Digital Adoption Platform delivers on-demand information in real-time to maximize individual employee performance. The platform provides bite-sized content to improve software adoption and knowledge retention. It is optimized for learning in the flow of work, microlearning, and contextual learning to help companies and organizations disseminate their own content and information to support digital adoption, digital transformation, performance support, training, employee onboarding, and more. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, Zeal provides digital adoption platform solutions to millions of users worldwide.

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