WorkReels Launches First Mobile App Specifically for Producing Recruiting Videos

Aims to be TikTok for recruiters, bringing company culture to life for job seekers

RICHMOND, Va., May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WorkReels today announced the world’s first video storytelling platform built specifically for recruitment and employer branding teams. WorkReels enables talent acquisition professionals to easily make and share high-quality, affordable social media videos for recruiting for about 1/20 the price of video production.

US employers posted a record 11.5 million jobs in March 20221 and jobless claims are at a 54-year low in the U.S.2, making competition for candidates fierce. Recruiters across all industries in the country are complaining of the same problem: They are unable to stand out among other employers to build an employer brand and talent pipeline that attracts enough qualified job candidates to fill their open roles. It’s been estimated that staffing shortages cost U.S. businesses more than $60 billion a month in lost sales.3

Today’s job seekers have more options than ever and are looking for more than just another job. They are investigating potential employers more deeply to ensure there will be a strong culture fit. Candidates want to know more about the employee experience, company culture and how they will be received at a company before they are willing to apply for a role.

But most companies continue to recruit via traditional means, by posting dry, text-only job descriptions, which don’t provide an authentic feel for company culture and fail to engage potential candidates. Job seekers are viewing more videos than ever, and YouTube is the first place Gen Z and millennials go to research potential employers. They see content from both official and unofficial sources. If recruiters aren’t sharing videos here, they are invisible to those job seekers.

WorkReels enables talent acquisition professionals to attract and engage with both passive and active job seekers by reaching them where they spend the most time–viewing videos on social media. WorkReels is a solution for how hiring takes place today, which is more like digital marketing–attracting candidates through interesting video content and engaging with them over social media.

According to a recent Pew Research study4 on social media use, YouTube is the most used platform with 95% of Gen Z-ers reporting that they use this video content site. Instagram and TikTok are also on the rise. If recruiters are not posting job videos here, they are missing a major portion of their potential audiences.

How WorkReels works
Using WorkReels requires no special video filming experience. It uses smartphone cameras and as little as 20 minutes of employee’s time:

  • Recruiters select from a library of customizable templates called Storylines to film scenes for the video story they want to tell, including "meet the team" and "a day in the life" videos that help illustrate their employee experience.
  • Recording WorkReels videos is quick and easy with any smartphone and can be completed in as little as 20 minutes with participants filming separately or together, whenever it’s convenient for them.
  • WorkReels professional editors transform approved recordings into high-quality videos optimized for social media, a jobs page or any location frequented by a company’s likely job seekers.
  • The WorkReels branded player makes sharing and embedding videos easy across LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

"Everyone is complaining how difficult it is to hire good talent. We think a big part of the problem is a total disconnect between how job seekers look for jobs and how companies promote job openings," said Rick Jones, CEO and founder of WorkReels. "WorkReels increases job candidate interest and applications by making it easy and cost-effective for recruiters to utilize employee-generated video to engage potential job applicants where they are spending their time – on social media."

Making a WorkReels video costs about the same price as posting a single job. Detailed pricing plans and a free trial are available at

About WorkReels
WorkReels enables companies to make high-quality, affordable social media videos for talent acquisition. Your employees are your best storytellers. WorkReels combines their authentic voices and their smartphone cameras to create powerful video stories that bring your company culture to life. Recruit candidates where they spend the most time–on social media. Your company is so much more than a job post–share who you are with WorkReels! 


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