Working to Train and Nurture Future Leaders Together – ‘Leadership Science Institute’ Partners With AC-REP to Help Launch and Implement New LEAD Program

WESTMINSTER, Colo., March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leadership Science Institute (LSI) proudly announced it had been selected to help the Adams County Regional Economic Partnership (AC-REP) facilitate a new series of leadership skills programs for the Adams County metro region. LEAD Metro North (Learn Elevate Achieve Develop) is an 11-month professional development, business and community engagement, and immersion program created by AC-REP to help local individuals who want to enhance their careers with skills training, while building important relationship networks throughout the area. LSI is a “Top Leadership Development” company that consistently provides unique, high-quality coaching and training programs for its students.   

“We are extremely thrilled to partner with AC-REP in this exciting and impactful endeavor,” said Wayne L. Anderson, Executive Leadership Coach and Trainer, CEO of LSI. “This program will provide a unique personal development experience for each of the participants.”

LSI: Leadership Improvement Specialists

“We’re honored to support the AC-REP community by elevating their upcoming leaders with the skills and insight needed to be effective and confident leaders in the North Metro area and in their respective organizations,” said Dr. Danielle Hicks, Ph.D., Industrial Organizational Psychologist and President of LSI.

LSI will provide three specific, overarching personal development services for AC-REP to help implement a fully successful launch of the LEAP initiative:

  1. Skills Assessments: As Test Administrators for the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), and recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), LSI can administer skills assessments for nearly any discipline. Online, or in person, LSI acts as a proctor and can perform pre-hire assessments.
  2. Training: Utilizing features of the highly effective, proprietary three-tiered W.I.S.D.O.M  system, LSI will help first-line managers, middle management, and “high potential” executive leaders to develop and implement effective leadership competencies.
  3. Coaching: LSI retains a team of professionally certified coaches who are hyper-focused on helping clients develop the skills they need to unlock their true business and professional potential. Lead by a Certified Master Coach, the central LSI objective is to help all types of C-level executives in a wide spectrum of industries align their careers toward specific outcomes. 

To learn more about LSI’s award-winning certification training programs, go online to schedule a free confidential consultation.  

About AC-REP

AC-REP is a public/private, nonprofit organization that drives inclusive economic growth and job creation, supports businesses, and is an economic champion for the north metro region as a leading global location for business. AC-REP leads four Core Strategies: Economic Development & Placemaking; Business Advocacy & Public Policy; Membership Development & Engagement; and Marketing, Branding & Communications. For more information and updates, please visit:  

About The Leadership Science Institute (LSI)

Established in 2009, LSI is a highly specialized, boutique people-development company that provides coaching, training and skills assessments to individuals seeking to improve themselves and their careers. LSI provides certifications and proprietary leadership development programs for business and organizational professionals to develop their coaching skills or retool their HR departments. LSI utilizes over 200 skills assessment metrics in one-on-one, detailed training plans that are specific to each client’s needs. Whether you are an employee looking for a career boost; a motivational business coach who needs credentials; an executive seeking to create, reorganize, or improve an HR department; or a private consultant who needs to level-up your skills, LSI has a team of experienced professionals ready to help you achieve your goals. Learn more at:

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