WOC- Women of Color in Fundraising And Philanthropy Launched Career Match on January 25, 2023

NEW YORK, Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Women of Color in Fundraising And Philanthropy (WOC)® launched Career Match on January 25, 2023. Career Match by WOC ™ prepares qualified candidates for a successful job search by offering coaching, resume review, and exposure to search firms seeking women of color to fill exclusive job openings in the fundraising and philanthropic sectors. Career Match by WOC is a game-changing marketplace opportunity for women of color in the nonprofit sector.”

Women of color face unique challenges in the workplace—the glass ceiling, emotional tax, the likability conundrum, work-life balance, pay inequity, and gatekeeping that prevent their rise to the top. Career Match by WOC is curated and created specifically to efficiently search for and recruit women of color in fundraising and philanthropy.

Subscriptions include access to the Career Match by WOC platform, where search firms can connect with well-prepared job candidates who are members of Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy (WOC). All WOC™ members receive access to Career Match by WOC as part of their membership. Whether recruiting for a specific role or looking to build a network of diverse candidates, Career Match by WOC better aligns search firms to help organizations build diverse and inclusive cultures.

Special introductory rates for the launch of this groundbreaking new platform are available at www.careermatchbywocfp.com. Career Match makes it easy for organizations to identify and recruit incredible employees.

About Women of Color (WOC)®:

Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy (WOC)® celebrates, inspires, and champions women of color in fundraising, philanthropy, and related fields by building community and providing unparalleled personal and professional development resources. WOC endeavors o be the “hub” and “heart” for women of color in the fundraising and philanthropic communities around the world.

About Founder Yolanda F. Johnson: 

Yolanda F. Johnson is a sought-after philanthropy, fundraising and DEI expert. A trailblazing figure on the national landscape, she has developed strategies to raise more than $1billion for nonprofits. She also advises philanthropists and grantmakers. With her faith as her guide, she is a champion of equity for women in the sectors of fundraising, philanthropy and DEI. In addition to leading YFJ Consulting, LLC, Yolanda is the Founder of WOC, Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy® and of Allies in Action Membership Network. Yolanda has also had an outstanding career as a performing artist and she has used her background as a performer to view fundraising and philanthropy through a creative lens. She is also a founding member of the Women’s Philanthropy Alliance.

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Brenae Arthur-Jones


SOURCE WOC – YFJ Consulting, LLC