Why a Recession Can Be a Good Time to Expand into a New Country

Businesses open to expansion during a recession should consult with a PEO partner to ease new market entry

SINGAPORE, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — During a recession, most companies opt for the conservative route, cutting costs and eliminating investment. INS Global explains you can sometimes find stories about savvy leadership teams that made acquisitions at a bargain during economic downturns, only to be rewarded when conditions improved.

While spending during a time when most companies are making cuts is not for everyone, those considering this value-based approach should consider partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), that can shorten the time and limit the hassle of entering a new country.

Fill the Void Left Behind
Whether you enter a new market during a boomtime or a recession, delays will slow down the best-laid plans. Establishing a presence in a country for the first time can take months. There are many time-consuming steps and unknowns: navigating compliance, setting up an entity and hiring a team. All are more challenging in a foreign country where you lack expertise. But by partnering with an experienced PEO, you can drastically cut the time and leave the risk behind.

“Some of the biggest business opportunities rear their heads in a recession,” says Wei Hsu, Managing Director at INS Global. “When your more risk-averse competitors are inclined to hunker down and wait things out, you can choose a more opportunistic approach to future growth, counter to the overarching trend,” Wei says.

Expand Through a Recession With INS Global
A recession can be a challenging time to expand into a new country but with the expertise of a trusted PEO partner like INS Global, you can minimize your risk while reaping substantial rewards. With their decades of experience as a global PEO, INS Global can enable you to establish a presence in a new market within one to two weeks. You can offboard all the legal, administrative, and HR functions, while focusing solely on business development and innovation.

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