Want A High-Paying Gig? It’ll Cost You, App-Driven Jobs & COVID Changed the Gig Landscape But Costly Barrier to Entry Requires Major Upfront Investment for Best Gigs

ORANGE, Calif., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The good news: Between app-sharing jobs and cultural changes brought on by the pandemic, the gig economy has never been hotter.  The bad news?  Many of the highest paying gigs have a steep barrier to entry as researchers for MerchantMaverick.com, the business product comparison site, discovered in its just-released “Highest Paying Industries for Gig Economy Jobs for 2021” report. 

Research suggests those who have already made significant investments may be best positioned to reap the rewards of popular side hustles.  Many – but not all – of the premium gig industries require an initial outlay of resources, whether in the form of cash (such as buying a new car) or time (such as going to school).

Some of the key gig industries have experienced a meteoric rise in recent years.  The number of non-employer firms in key industries (vacation rentals, ridesharing and deliveries) has increased over five times in the last two decades.  In fact, in the last ten years, ridesharing adjacent industries grew by more than six times.  Add in the effects of the pandemic, and there seem to be endless possibilities.

With that in mind, researchers analyzed data from in 15 industries with the highest estimated hourly rates in the gig economy. The report is available HERE.  

The Top 10 Industries for Gig Economy Jobs in 2021:

1. Self-Appointed Car Rental Agent
Estimated hourly wage: $39.84
Cost of entry: Car ownership, with newer cars having a higher earning potential

2. Computer Brains-For-Hire
Estimated hourly wage: $34.66
Cost of entry: Coding knowledge

3. Vacation Rental Tycoon
Estimated hourly wage: $25.89
Cost of entry: Real estate ownership

4. Muscle-For-Hire
Estimated hourly wage: $23.35
Cost of entry: Healthy body, truck owners having a higher earning potential

5. Jack Of All Trades
Estimated hourly wage: $21.85
Cost of entry: Handy skills

6. Freelance Content Creator
Estimated hourly wage: $20.96
Cost of entry: Creative skills

7. Tutor
Estimated hourly wage: $18.89
Cost of entry: Teaching skills

8. Adventure Gear Supplier
Estimated hourly wage: $18.63
Cost of entry: Adventure gear ownership (bikes, surfboards, or skis)

9. Private Chef
Estimated hourly wage: $18.10
Cost of entry: Cooking skills

10. Ridesharing Driver
Estimated hourly wage: $14.91
Cost of entry: Car ownership

“If you want to make good money in the gig economy, you’ll need to invest money, time, or both,” says Julie Titterington, Editor-in-Chief, MerchantMaverick.com. “But, if you have the resources, more opportunities are available than ever before.”

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