Vinewave Rebrands to OneDirectory, Signalling its Drive to Transform Digital Workplaces with Directory Intelligence

JOHANNESBURG, Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vinewave, a leading software as a service provider of employee directory solutions, today announced that it is rebranding to OneDirectory.

Lawrence Cawood, co-founder & CEO of OneDirectory, said, "We’ve been building employee directory solutions for our customers since 2011, and our OneDirectory cloud product has seen significant growth since its launch in 2018. We decided to rebrand the company to OneDirectory to support our future growth and deliver a clearer message about what we do."

Since their launch, the company has helped over 500 enterprises transform their workplaces with innovative people directory solutions that help staff easily connect and collaborate.

"People are the center of your organization, and the problem, especially in bigger companies, is that it’s hard to know who’s who and where everyone fits in," says Lawrence. "OneDirectory helps people connect at work and gives them insight into their organization’s structure in a way they haven’t been able to do before."

With a growing demand for better employee experiences in today’s digital organizations, particularly as the world shifts to remote work, people are relying on technology to make connections and collaborate with their teams. OneDirectory empowers employees with a digital representation of their company and includes a modern employee directory, org chart, employee profiles, office directory, skills directory, and features to boost remote collaboration.

"OneDirectory is a modern employee directory experience unlike anything you’ve used before," says Lawrence. "It’s like a map of your company that you can flow through effortlessly. Imagine LinkedIn people search and profiles but for internal use… throw in an org chart, an office directory, skills database, live maps, integration with Microsoft Teams, and wrap it in a beautifully simple interface. That’s OneDirectory."

With the rebrand, OneDirectory is looking to the future of the directory space, where IT teams are wanting to get more value from their investment in directory platforms such as Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD.

OneDirectory calls this new category of software "directory intelligence," and they’re building technology that will help companies analyze and improve the quality of their directory data.

"Our customers keep telling us they are battling to keep their employee profile information up to date," says Craig Tarr, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. "Bad quality directory data has a widespread impact on the usefulness of your entire digital workplace, and with directory intelligence we can solve that problem for our customers," he adds.

"We are making significant investments into our platform, and we will be releasing a number of exciting updates over the coming months," says Lawrence. "We want to help our customers improve the quality of their directory data, thereby increasing the value of all the systems that rely on this data, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint."

"With our rebrand to OneDirectory our company is better positioned to drive growth in the directory intelligence space. It’s something we’re very passionate about," says Lawrence.

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Lawrence Cawood

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