Triton Benefits & HR Solutions Now Offering Surest by United Healthcare as a Low Cost, On-Demand Digital Group Health Insurance Experience

WOODBRIDGE, N.J., Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, a national employee benefits broker and HR consulting firm, is proud to announce its offering of Surest, a revolutionary new ACA-compliant health insurance option.

Surest is designed to offer employers an intuitive group health benefit plan without shifting costs to employees. Most importantly, it gives employees power over their health care by providing a digital experience that allows members to see their expenses in advance. Employees can get the care they need by removing barriers such as deductibles while making more informed health decisions.

Financially backed by United Healthcare, Surest is one of a handful of new tech-based group insurance companies looking to reinvigorate an aging insurance industry. Surest’s providers are part of the United Choice Plus health network, the largest health provider network in the country.

Surest is redesigning how health plans work by creating a more consumer-centric, intuitive experience that eliminates deductibles, offers transparent pricing in advance of treatment, and reduces the total cost of care for employers and employees.

Triton Benefits & HR Solutions’ CEO, Steve Rosenthal, describes Surest as highly effective through its counterintuitive approach. “Your premium is near or below most insurance plans today and gets you core medical coverage for all doctor visits, specialty visits, urgent care, medications, maternity care, and even cancer treatments. You just pay simple copays for each visit, without a deductible.”

Rosenthal continues, “Here’s where Surest is really focused on saving people money. If you get sick, you open up the Surest app, type in your issue, and shop every option from least to most expensive. In most cases, you could do a virtual visit for free or find a nearby doctor from thirty-five dollars to one hundred dollars; the choice is yours. By making treatment options and pricing transparent, Surest actually makes the insurance less expensive for everybody.”

To learn more about Surest, contact Triton Benefits & HR Solutions to find out how they can help your business provide affordable and compliant group health insurance plans for your employees. Visit their website or call them at 1-800-OK-TRITON.

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Triton Benefits & HR Solutions manages over $500 Million in group health insurance premiums and works with all major carriers nationwide. Their ability to leverage long-standing relationships with major health insurance carriers and their in-depth industry knowledge to create unique and customized healthcare options sets them apart from other employee benefits brokers. In addition, they offer a concierge-style service which means they are extremely hands-on with every client relationship and provide a personalized touch that is hard to find anywhere else.

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