Timerack’s Patent Pending Next-Gen Platform Promises Greater Flexibility for Staffing Industry in 2022

RALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Timerack Time & Attendance Software today announced its focus on increased innovation for 2022 following its recent influx of $3 million in investment funding.

Timerack’s leading cloud-based software provides employee time and labor management, HR suite and payroll integration solutions for hundreds of organizations across North America. Following its year-over-year customer growth of 30%, the company is focused on continuing its current momentum to further streamline operational and employee activities.

Timerack’s new patent pending platform uses leading-edge technology to enable a seamless user experience for HR teams and employees alike. Using application programming interface (APIs) that easily and flexibly integrate behind the scenes with customer applications, the platform allows the company to deftly accommodate the continuous changes in the marketplace such as employee assignments and truly mobile-first experience.

Adam Day, Timerack CEO says, "Our vision for 2022 is going to enable us to transform from a product to a platform offering – one that will empower us to serve our partner and client needs more efficiently."

Timerack’s innovative approach continues to build on its current products offering the location-independent flexibility that users want with the integration that back-office business requires, including:

  • Time tracking using traditional time clock or kiosk requiring photo ID
  • A user-friendly interface eliminating the need to train employees on how to punch, improving the onboarding process with Timerack’s IntellipunchTM
  • Flexibility enabling staff to clock in and out using a laptop and ethernet or mobile device using wi-fi or cellular
  • Location tracking at client sites using geo-fencing capabilities via GPS and Google maps
  • Ensures compliance with lunch lock-out feature, preventing costly penalties from users

"At Sentech Services, the kiosk helps ensure employees are tracking their time and attendance accurately—reducing employee friction and training."
Lee Elkinson
CEO, Sentech Services

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About Timerack, Inc.

Timerack provides automated time and attendance tracking and comprehensive reporting using software, time clocks, a mobile app with geofencing capabilities, and an easily integrated HR module. By ensuring employees are paid accurately and can easily request time off, Timerack helps employers maximize their return on employee investment (ROEI) while creating a better employee work-life balance. Timerack is a cloud-based time and attendance solution for businesses that handle hundreds of employees per location. Timerack’s automatic alerts and features reduce theft, decrease risk of fines and lawsuits for non-compliance, and are designed to help reduce overtime by 20% to help improve the business bottom line.  

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