Timerack and Apex HCM Expands Partner Ecosystem

RALEIGH, N.C., June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Timerack and Apex HCM today announced a strategic partnership for payroll and time and labor integration. This new partnership provides payroll clients with an enterprise-class, customizable, and payroll solutions to help grow your business.

Timerack and Apex HCM proudly serve many of the fastest growing payroll service bureaus in the country. Together, this latest integration provides an expansion of capabilities previously difficult to achieve without extensive customization.

The combined solution offers these benefits:

  • Greater value and better return on your existing investment
  • Easier to scale by standing up customers faster, with less effort and resources (for a faster path to revenue)
  • Sophisticated automation, proactively preventing problems before they occur – and resolution is quicker, with greater clarity and accuracy
  • High client retention and to expand complete platform and solution functionality
  • Makes your business more responsive

"We at Timerack know the best place for your time and attendance is with Timerack solutions, but we also understand businesses are complex with many different systems," said Adam Day, president and CEO, Timerack. "By integrating with Apex HCM, collectively we remove the pain from integration challenges and allow you to compete and win larger and more complex deals while providing a better user experience. The combined Timerack and Apex HCM solution allows for a customizable, suite of products and services that can dramatically improve your clients’ workforce productivity."

Together Timerack and Apex HCM offer the next generation of employee experience. The partnership combines the rules-based flexibility of the Timerack platform combined with the full-featured, self-service ability of Apex HCM to increase employee satisfaction, ease the onboarding process, and provide the connection point between employees and employers.

Robert Digby CEO of Apex HCM "Apex is continually adding to its partner ecosystem to expand HCM solutions and capabilities to address medium to large market requirements. Our partnership with Timerack further expands the Apex HCM footprint into the larger market and provides another proven integrated solutions for our payroll service bureaus."

"Having worked with both Apex and Timerack platforms the integration demonstrates a best-in-class solution for Apex Service bureaus," states Greg Javins, Executive Vice President of Timerack, "This solution provides a superior alternative for a robust time and attendance platform delivering an integrated approach solving business challenges."

About Apex HCM

Apex® HCM is a market leader in licensing cloud-based payroll and HR software technology and over 300 payroll service firms and vendors nationally use Apex’s technology as the core of their business foundation. Apex’s customizable, comprehensive suite of products and services include payroll, payroll tax, human capital management, applicant tracking and onboarding, time and attendance, reporting, manager and employee self-service, ACA compliance, mobile apps, workers’ compensation, payroll debit cards and other business management tools normally reserved for large enterprises, now available to any business size. Apex’s cutting-edge, cloud-based technology allows its customers to effectively compete feature-for-feature with larger established firms while dramatically improving their workforce productivity.

For more information, please visit https://apexhcm.com or call 877-750-APEX (2739).

About Timerack, Inc.

Timerack alleviates stress with time and attendance automation and comprehensive reporting with software, time clocks, a mobile app with geofencing, and an HR module. By ensuring employees are paid accurately and can easily request time off, Timerack helps employers maximize their return on employee investment (ROEI). Timerack is an ideal, cost-effective and cloud-based time & attendance solution for businesses that handle hundreds of employees per location. Timerack automatic alerts and features lower theft, decrease your risk of fines and lawsuits for non-compliance, and are specifically designed to help you reduce overtime by 20% or more so you can manage your business better. 

For more information, visit https://partners.timerack.com/apex; or call 951-284-1500 or email at

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