ThisWay Global’s CEO, Angela Hood, Showcases the Power of IBM’s watsonx Orchestrate in Talent Acquisition at IBM TechXchange Conference

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Angela Hood, CEO of ThisWay Global, showcased IBM’s watsonx Orchestrate in AI talent acquisition during IBM’s TechXChange conference 2023. The inaugural event drew over 5,000 technologists to connect with IBM peers, partners, and customers and learn about new IBM products and solutions.

IBM’s watsonx Orchestrate is an innovative platform that leverages AI and automation to streamline complex workflows and repetitive tasks in the talent acquisition process. With its conversational interface, Orchestrate enables users, regardless of their technical background, to easily combine skills and execute end-to-end recruiting workflows, from sourcing candidates to scheduling interviews.

As the initial go-to-market partner of IBM’s watsonx Orchestrate, ThisWay Global participated in the conference. The company demonstrated its joint solution that leverages watsonx Orchestrate to attendees. During her presentation, Angela Hood highlighted the pivotal role Orchestrate plays in empowering organizations to achieve remarkable efficiency gains and reallocate their workforce from repetitive, mundane tasks to more strategic and fulfilling work.

“watsonx Orchestrate leverages AI and automation. Many of its capabilities, right out of the box, enable companies to use the technology and receive ROI in 48-72 hours. Orchestrate makes companies more agile and better equipped to respond to changes in the market in this era of digital transformation,” stated Angela Hood.

ThisWay Global’s platform integration with watsonx Orchestrate allows for seamless, automated execution of tasks like identifying qualified talent without bias, checking compensation data, and generating compliant interview questions. Hood also demonstrated how Orchestrate effortlessly merges various skills from multiple vendors, like FloCareer and WageScape, to accomplish a recruiter’s tasks and workflows for finding candidates, checking compensation data, ensuring compliance with OFCCP guidelines, and executing interview requests.

The presentation showcased the technical capabilities of IBM watsonx Orchestrate and its potential for significant time and resource savings. With built-in analytics, Hood highlighted that her team and ThisWay’s customers had achieved considerable time savings within the first 72 hours of using the product.

“Large companies will run these skills in different composite combinations thousands of times a month, saving thousands of hours on repetitive tasks that should be automated,” she stated. “IBM watsonx Orchestrate is a game-changer for talent acquisition professionals. It saves businesses time and money and provides improved compliance, quality and confidence in hiring decisions.

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About ThisWay Global
ThisWay Global is an award-winning, Google-accelerated, venture-backed leader in the AI, business automation and HR tech industries. The company’s certified diversity supplier (WBENC) status gives it a significant lead over its competition. ThisWay is also an IBM Silver Partner and the initial go-to-market partner of watsonx Orchestrate. ThisWay Global’s proprietary talent network has more than 8,500 unique diversity-based partners, providing companies and governments with a unique database of highly-skilled candidates, reducing bias and increasing diversity across all industries. ThisWay’s team includes industry leaders from Indeed, Walt Disney, Nerd Wallet, Marriott, Jobcase, Recruitology, Mya Systems, Jive, Radancy, CareerBuilder, Circa, USMC, Bering Sea Eccotech, Dept. of Defense, and many more recognized brands. The privately-held company’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas.

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