The Salary Negotiator Demonstrates Higher Compensation Is Achievable for Individuals

SEATTLE, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The last few years have been incredibly challenging for everyone, and with the cost of living only set to rise further in the coming years, being able to boost your income is essential. Over the past four years, innovative salary negotiation service, The Salary Negotiator (, has been working with clients to help them get the compensation they deserve and is today celebrating the incredible milestone of securing over $2.98 million in additional pay for its clients. 

With the economic challenges the post-COVID-19 world faces coupled with the Great Resignation showing no signs of abating, the American job market is in a truly unique position. As the search for the very best talent increases, companies are now paying top dollar for employees, which means there has never been a better time to negotiate pay and benefits.

Launched in 2018, The Salary Negotiator is a unique salary negotiation service designed to help employees achieve the pay they deserve. The highly experienced team work with each client every step of the way, tailoring their approach to each situation and supporting them to confidently negotiate base salary, bonuses, and equity alongside benefits such as vacation days.    

With help from their salary negotiation consultants, employees will be able to understand their job offer and know exactly what they can ask for. To do this, The Salary Negotiator team utilizes comprehensive research in specific industries and job roles. While specializing in working with tech professionals and software engineers, over the past four years, they have worked with hundreds of clients across a broad spectrum of sectors. This includes job seekers looking for senior roles at global corporations such as Amazon, Google, Facebook (Meta), and Apple alongside many smaller businesses and startups.

This comprehensive approach has helped the proven salary negotiation coach achieve an incredible 94% success rate with clients. In fact, The Salary Negotiator is so confident in their process that should clients not receive an increase while working with their team of consultants then there is no fee. 

Of course, when it comes to knowing how to negotiate a salary, preparation is key. That is why The Salary Negotiator supports clients through coaching, covering everything from draft emails and custom scripts to tips in the interview process. This helps to reduce the pressure and stress of salary discussions by ensuring they always know exactly what to say. 

This support has seen the company recently reach a significant milestone of increasing client salaries by a combined $2.98 million over the past four years. This means that, on average, The Salary Negotiator helps clients boost their annual income by $23,793.

Speaking after reaching the impressive milestone, Brandon Bramley, Founder of The Salary Negotiator said, "We are currently experiencing a truly unprecedented time in the United States job market, and employees have never been in a better position to improve their income.

However, knowing how to negotiate a salary can be a confusing and intimidating process. That is why we set up The Salary Negotiator to help provide expert coaching and support to ensure that our clients can enter a job offer negotiation armed with the knowledge and confidence to get the compensation they deserve."

To learn more about The Salary Negotiator, visit their website, email
, or call today at (425) 998-6233. For all new clients, the company is currently offering a free 15-minute consultation with an expert salary negotiation consultant.

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