The Johnson Group is Revolutionizing the Recruiting Industry

SACREMENTO, Calif., July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Johnson Group is revolutionizing the way recruitment is done with a growth rate of 3100%. As one of Northern California’s fastest-growing companies, their recruitment model is designed around providing recruitment solutions for a variety of industries based on the culture, needs, and values of each individual business.

In today’s business world, the importance of recruiting top talent has never been greater. That’s because the war for talent is real, and the competition is only getting stronger. For certain industries, like architecture, engineering, construction, and environmental services, there continues to be a growing demand for qualified workers.

The Johnson Group has a proven track record of success in recruiting for these industries, as well as many others. In order to adapt to the changing demands of these companies for employees that align with their own culture, The Johnson Group has shifted their focus from filling job orders using the basic head hunter model to an extension of your HR Department as your in-house recruiting team. Understanding the needs of clients and finding the right match for each company.

Throughout the recruitment process, The Johnson Group takes the time to get to know their clients and learn about their culture, needs, and values. This allows them to find candidates that are not only qualified for the job, but also a good fit for the company. Not only is this beneficial short-term to these industries, it also ensures a more sustainable model for long-term retention.

The Johnson Group is committed to providing the best possible recruitment experience for their clients and candidates. In essence, they will operate as an extension of each company’s internal team and service the internal recruiters of each business. This will provide a seamless transition through the recruitment process for new employees and offer businesses an inclusive recruitment model that syncs up with their existing HR department.

"I have worked with recruiters in the past, and have really not had a great experience until I started working with [The Johnson Group]. The Johnson Group brings a fresh take on recruiting, and feels like I have an entire team working with me." –Joanna Kuther, Director of Human Resources at RAND Engineering & Architecture.

"This was a tough job for [The Johnson Group] as I needed to find two associates and gave them a 1-month time frame to do it. What seemed like the next day, I got a qualified candidate. He was everything we were looking for and officially accepted our job offer after one and a half weeks of working with The Johnson Group. They delivered as promised and made the process very easy for me. I would recommend The Johnson Group for any business looking for a professional recruiter." – Anh Phoong, Esq., Phoong Law Corporation.

Right now, The Johnson Group has over 100 clients on this model and is expected to grow to 500 clients in the near future. This growth is a direct result of the company’s focus on providing an exceptional recruitment experience that leads to better results for their clients.

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About The Johnson Group

The Johnson Group has spent over 15 years recruiting for a wide variety of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, environmental companies and more. The Johnson’s Group innovative recruiting model positions them as an extension of a company’s HR department, working with them to find the best talent available for any open position or project. This includes understanding the culture, needs, and values of that company to find the best match possible.

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