The Gilchrist Institute Introduces A New Science "How To Unlock One’s Full Potential"

NEW YORK, March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Gilchrist Institute, which specializes in the science of potential and helping clients achieve their maximum potential, is offering an impactful assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses that can change an individual’s life.

The Wheel of Potential provides people with incredible insights into their strengths and weaknesses which can allow them to learn things about themselves that they were unaware of. It fosters material and emotional connection between executive and employee.

“Helping people reach their full potential is always my ultimate goal, but the first step in that journey is recognizing and fully understanding your strengths and weaknesses,” said Robert J. Flower, Ph.D., entrepreneur, entelechist, and leader of The Gilchrist Institute. “This incredibly accurate and insightful report only requires a short assessment and has already provided thousands of clients with a higher level of self-awareness that leads to personal, social, and professional growth. ”

After a ten-minute objective assessment, The Gilchrist Institute can determine strengths and weaknesses in fifteen different categories including awareness, rule-following, attention to detail, character, and more. Each category is assigned with a percentage of aptitude that lends visibility to areas of an individual’s personality and habits that one is proficient in or areas that need work. The wheel of potential gives people a deep insight within themselves so that they can work to improve on their weaknesses, but also acknowledge their strengths, some of which they are not even aware.

This program is based on the Science of Potential, an exciting new model of intelligence, thinking, and behavior. The scientific basis was discovered through the biology of cellular development and when acknowledged can lead to greater power, control, and a higher realization of true potential. This specific assessment takes a short amount of time and generates a highly accurate and detailed report on strengths and areas that could use improvement to help on a professional and personal level. 

“At first, I was skeptical about the assessment, but, after a ten to fifteen-minute assessment, the amount of self-awareness that has led to personal, social, and professional growth. The amount of information was overwhelming,” said Craig DiFrancia, a successful actor, who recently completed the Wheel of Potential. “The program gave me a sense of enhancement and confidence. My strong and weak points were right on target and now I have become much more self-aware and know where I need to improve. It has enhanced my work and my life tremendously.”

About The Gilchrist Institute
The Gilchrist Institute aims to show people how to achieve lifelong success and fulfillment by reaching their full potential through its unique program. The institute is founded on the Science of Potential achievement, which is based on the realization that full potential and natural intelligence are found in the biology of cell structure. The Gilchrist Institute was founded by Robert J. Flower, Ph.D. in 1984, shortly after he discovered the New Science.

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