The Giftsenda Gifting Platform Makes Sending Gifts During the Holiday Season Fast and Easy – Worldwide

ARLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Giftsenda, a US-based corporate gifting platform, designed to help businesses break through the noise and forge meaningful and lucrative relationships, is assisting businesses with their international and local holiday gifting campaigns by taking the manual labor that comes with it out of their hands. With automated gifting tools and 1000s of gift options – single and bulk gifts can be sent in a few clicks. 

With the difference in holiday norms and some challenges in deciding what is appropriate across the globe, holiday corporate gifting campaigns may not always be a simple task, especially in instances where businesses aren’t acquainted with their recipients. The gifting platform removes these barriers by providing various helpful features.

Gifts can be sent using an address collection feature that only requires senders to provide mobile numbers or email addresses to deliver the gifts via gift links or custom email invites. The items in the Giftsenda gift catalog are locally sourced and specially selected to ensure that they are culturally appropriate gifts guaranteed to impress. Senders can expect fast delivery times of 1-3 business days in most countries.

The platform is also proud to boast a new Gift Collection feature. It enables senders to choose pre-curated or custom-made gift selections that can be sent to recipients via gift links – allowing them to choose their own gifts. Businesses that are looking to launch their holiday corporate gifting campaigns can benefit from the platform’s recently launched corporate Christmas gift collections that include holiday-friendly gift items specially curated for the Festive Season.

Instead of relying purely on manual contact imports, the gifting platform now provides CRM integrations, and currently caters to HubSpot and Salesforce. With these, teams across different departments can launch and report on holiday-based corporate gifting campaigns in one central place – without the need to exit their current workflows. Giftsenda has also created a Gmail add-on that makes the gifting process even more seamless, enabling users to send Christmas gifts directly from Gmail.

For those who don’t have an immediate need to integrate their gifting into their CRM workflow – Giftsenda has a subscription-free option in the form of an online shop, which enables people to send corporate holiday gifts worldwide.

While corporate gifts are offered to foster stronger business relationships and create lucrative opportunities for both the sender and the recipient, the holiday season adds a different flavor to the cocktail. The appeal is as unique as the atmosphere, and recipients’ emotions are sharpened enough to be receptive to a business’s advances. For these reasons, launching holiday-based corporate gifting campaigns through the easy-to-use, well-integrated platform is recommended for businesses of all sizes.

Visit Giftsenda’s website to find out more about seasonal gifting campaigns or get access to a free trial.

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