The Business Case for Healthy Work: A New Video by the Healthy Work Campaign

LOS ANGELES, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Healthy Work Campaign, a public health project sponsored by the nonprofit foundation, the Center for Social Epidemiology, released a short video describing the benefits to businesses of healthy work.

The video, produced by HWC team member Maria Doctor, begins with the scientific evidence that the way we organize work and how we manage people, are sources of chronic stress.  Work stressors like long work hours and low job control affect the short and long-term mental and physical health of working people. But not only does chronic stress cause burnout, poor mental health, and increased cardiovascular disease risks, it also poses increased risks for accidents, injuries, and lowers productivity.

So why should businesses pay attention to their management practices and work culture? Provided are ten reasons and the associated costs, discussed in the video by HWC experts.

The Business Case for Healthy Work video is freely available to anyone interested in learning more about the hidden costs of the often invisible, unspoken epidemic of work stress.
The Healthy Work Campaign also wants business leaders and workers to know, chronic work stress does not have to be part of doing business. There are many research-based solutions. The cost of doing nothing will far outweigh the cost of implementing important changes in the workplace, that can reduce stress and burnout.

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Zach Schnall

SOURCE The Healthy Work Campaign