Talent Acquisition Firm Announces a Diversity Focused Candidate Research SaaS

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IQTalent Partners, Inc., an on-demand talent acquisition, candidate sourcing, and executive search firm, announced the addition of Diversify by IQTalent Xchange to its existing talent exchange platform. Diversify by IQTX enables companies who are focused on recruiting and retaining underrepresented talent to generate an inclusive slate of qualified passive candidates for any open role. An original market concept, using responsible and advanced artifical intelligence combined with human expertise, Diversify by IQTX allows users to access an inclusive passive candidate marketplace comprised of over 300 million professionals.

"Recruiters need to look beyond their own personal networks to ensure that they are including diverse candidates in the recruiting process," states David Windley, President of IQTalent Partners. "Using Diversify by IQTX will help recruiters build more diverse candidate slates from the onset of a search."

The addition of Diversify by IQTalent Xchange to the existing platform allows users to identify women and underrepresented minorities within the candidate research results, ensuring an inclusive and diverse slate. Users can easily load their job descriptions, candidate specifications, and DEI goals into the IQTX dashboard and then quickly receive a curated list of qualified candidates. The new Diversify feature facilitates building inclusivity into current corporate recruiting and hiring processes.

Diversify by IQTalent Xchange is the latest process innovation from IQTalent Partners. Along with its sourcing, recruiting and executive search services, IQTalent Partners is well positioned to provide recruiting organizations augmented support from the transactional to the strategic.

About IQTalent Partners, a Division of Caldwell Partners:

IQTalent Partners is a technology-powered talent acquisition firm specializing in recruitment at all levels. Through two distinct brands – Caldwell and IQTalent Partners – the firm leverages the latest innovations in AI to offer an integrated spectrum of services delivered by teams with deep knowledge in their respective areas. Services include candidate research and sourcing through to full recruitment at the professional, executive and board levels, as well as a suite of talent strategy and assessment tools that can help clients hire the right people, then manage and inspire them to achieve maximum business results.

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