Soapbox by Endurance Learning Emerges On The Top 300 Tools for Learning

SEATTLE, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Soapbox, an online tool that helps people create instructor-led training programs in a manner of minutes, has been voted to the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies’ Top Tools for Learning list, barely a year after being released on the market. The list was compiled based upon 2,077 votes from learning professionals across 33 countries.

"Debuting about halfway up the top 300 list this year is crazy to me considering Soapbox was only released just prior to the start of the pandemic," said Brian Washburn, co-creator of Soapbox and CEO of Endurance Learning. "It speaks to the fact that with so many things changing so quickly, people need not just to be trained, but trained effectively. People are turning to Soapbox for help and inspiration in stringing together learning activities that are relevant to the topic and help ensure people ‘get it’." According to one Soapbox customer, "This software will save you time creating amazing online learning experiences and you don’t need a master’s or Ph.D. in instructional design."

What’s Next for Soapbox?

As more teams and individuals adopt Soapbox to reduce their training development time, Endurance Learning is building a roadmap of features based upon customer feedback, such as more customizable slides and incredible new content from partner organizations. "We have been very lucky to have early users who are passionate about Soapbox and are helping us think through how Soapbox can be even more powerful for organizations," said Tim Waxenfelter, co-creator of Soapbox and COO of Endurance Learning. "We don’t believe that there is anything else out there helping organizations in the way that Soapbox does. Being recognized by learning professionals in this way is just another reminder that Soapbox is having an impact."

Anyone interested in understanding why Soapbox made the top 300 tools for learning can sign up for a free trial or a brief product demo at

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Endurance Learning ( was founded by instructional designers with an extensive background in adult learning. Endurance Learning has leveraged its experience developing custom learning experiences to create Soapbox ( and supports learning and development professionals through the recently launched and Above all else, Endurance Learning believes that every learning experience should be engaging and lead to sustainable change.

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