Small Businesses Gradually Restart Real Estate Search, New Clutch Study Finds

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Established ratings and reviews website, Clutch surveyed 1,003 small business entrepreneurs and managers in the United States about their office space plans this 2022. The new study found that 40% of small businesses without office spaces plan to lease or acquire workplaces in the near future.

Despite growing interests from companies to reinvest in office space, it may not be for the purpose of serving full-time on-site employees — as hybrid work schedules become the new normal in 2022.

The report shows the current plans of small businesses for their office spaces, their different approaches, and the factors that owners take into account when establishing office plans in 2022. The results are compared to 2021 findings in efforts to track notable differences or similarities.

Clutch’s annual small business survey consists of perspectives from 1,003 small business owners and managers operating businesses with fewer than 250 employees.

2022 Small Business Office Space Statistics

Our team highlights the following 2022 trends in the report:

  • Less than half (40%) of small businesses without an office have plans for a space in the near future.
  • Over half of small businesses (56%) own or have long-term leases for office space in 2022.
  • A greater number of small businesses (70%) with offices plan to keep their current space for an in-person workforce in 2022.
  • About a quarter of small businesses (23%) are upgrading their office space in 2022, opting for more space and amenities

Eric Wu, co-founder and COO of Gainful, a sports nutrition company, moved to a hybrid work model in 2021, combining remote and in-person work. Wu discusses how hybrid work has benefitted both his business and employees, stating that it provides his team with the best of remote and in-person office settings.

"While our team has proven that we’re able to make incredible progress and work effectively from home, I don’t anticipate that we’ll ever see a total disappearance of in-person workplace culture," Wu said.

Find out more about small business office space plans and other statistics by checking out the full report here.

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