Skillnote Releases “Skillnote Insight” for Analyzing Skill Data on Manufacturing Personnel

TOKYO, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skillnote Corporation has released Skillnote Insight, a new function of the Skillnote skill management system.

Skillnote Insight is a function for analyzing skill information, qualification information and training information on employees centrally managed using Skillnote along a variety of axes such as division, age group and timeline. This enables analysis and understanding of information such as the status of skills held and the status of education for the entire organization from a macro perspective, and supports strategy formulation and decision making not only in front-line divisions, but also head office HR divisions and top management.

Skillnote Insight is a new function integrated with the existing functions of Skillnote, significantly enhancing their value.

Background of development

The environment surrounding manufacturing is currently undergoing significant change. Under these conditions, there is pressure for transformation of the skills needed from employees and the methods used for human resource development. Skillnote perceives employee skills that are the source of strength for enhancing the competitiveness of manufacturing companies to be useful data, and believes it is important to actively utilize this in business strategy and management strategy beyond conventional management in front-line divisions.

Skillnote Insight was developed to contribute to not only front-line divisions but also companywide strategy formulation and decision making by increasing the utility of data collected through skill management in manufacturing sites and analyzing it from a more macro perspective.

Key Features of Skillnote Insight
  • Multiple analysis templates reflecting Skillnote’s insight and know-how are available
  • Reduction of hassle and time needed for file integration and data collection
  • Analysis results can be output to formats such as PDF and Excel to share and use in reports
  • User permissions can be set
About the Skillnote skill management system

Skillnote is a skill management system enabling the centralized management and operation of skill matrices that have previously been managed on manufacturing sites using paper or spreadsheets. It enables planned human resource development and human resource assignment using competence information on employees on manufacturing sites. Organically linking the training information and qualification information along the access of employees’ skill information enables the drafting and progress management of development plans optimized for individuals.

About Skillnote Corporation

Skillnote Corporation (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takafumi Yamakawa) was founded in 2016 and is a global company providing the Skillnote skill and training management system focused on manufacturing sites. With the vision of “Realize a world where all workers can grow and have a fulfilling career” the company is aiming for the realization of a society where everyone involved in manufacturing works energetically by scientifically analyzing the growth of people working in manufacturing. See for details.

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