Roundstone’s Captive Solution for Employee Health Benefits Verified by Validation Institute for Cost Savings

New study supports the Roundstone Guarantee: Employers will save money over five years compared to fully-insured, or Roundstone will pay the difference

NEW ORLEANS, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Roundstone, a trailblazer in employee health benefits, announced today at its 9th annual Medical Captive Forum in New Orleans that its group medical captive solution has been validated by the Validation Institute for cost savings. The Validation Institute found that employers who participate in the Roundstone Captive for self-funding their group health insurance have lower per member, per year costs than they would have paid for a fully-insured plan.

“Roundstone can deliver these savings because we offer a more aligned and cost-effective funding model for employee health benefits,” said Michael Schroeder, Founder and President of Roundstone. “We have low fixed costs, a proactive approach to cost containment, full data and pricing transparency, and our own in-house underwriting team. We’re in it for long-term success and that means delivering consistent, stable renewals for employers and their advisors.”

Roundstone guarantees that 100% of employers in the captive will save money. After 5 consecutive renewals, if an employer has not saved money, Roundstone will pay the difference between what was paid and what would have been paid being fully-insured

“Validation Institute reviewed four years of data, which showed an employer’s per member, per month cost averaged $675 less than what they could have paid for a fully-insured plan. This is significant savings for the employer,” said Linda Riddell, Chief Data Scientist, Validation Institute.

About Roundstone

Roundstone is an innovative employee health benefits company. We help small and midsize organizations offer competitive benefits at a lower cost by self-funding health insurance through our group medical captive. The Roundstone Captive enables companies to self-insure safely by pooling hundreds of employers together to share risk and save money. We believe in always aligning with the employers’ best interests and remain committed to our mission – quality, affordable healthcare and a better life for all. Stay connected to our blog, LinkedIn, and X.  

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