Roundstone Distributes $8 Million of Savings Back to Its Group Captive Participants

Exemplifying its alignment to employers’ interests, Roundstone returns all captive underwriting profits to employers’ pro rata in June

LAKEWOOD, Ohio, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Roundstone, a leading health benefits captive providing self-funded solutions to small and midsized businesses, reported a $8 million pro rata cash distribution in June to business owners across the nation currently participating in the company’s group medical captive. The Roundstone Captive gives participants the control to implement cost containment strategies, the power of large numbers to protect against claim volatility, and the promise to always prioritize the best interests of the employers and their employees.

The Roundstone Captive enables companies to self-insure safely. The Captive, with its thousands of lives, acts as an additional protective layer that absorbs risk, reduces stop-loss fixed costs, and gives smaller companies the advantages of self-insuring like the Fortune 500s. The solution offers employers control over healthcare spend by leveraging data-informed insights and cost-containment strategies, flexibility in plan design, and full transparency from dollar one, delivering all savings back to employers where they belong.

 “Trillions of dollars are spent in the United States on healthcare,” says Michael Schroeder, President and Founder of Roundstone. “And unfortunately, it has become very easy for people in this industry to be sidetracked into pursuing an increasing share of these escalating costs. At Roundstone, we believe we will be plenty profitable if we simply remain focused on our objective, which is delivering quality, affordable, healthcare to these employers and their employees.”

Remaining laser-focused on this objective is evident not only in the solution Roundstone provides, but within their broader strategic decision-making strategy as well. Roundstone foregoes revenue sharing from its PBM, TPA and cost containment partners and also passes on any reduction in its stop loss partners administrative expense to the employers in lieu of retaining these savings as profit.

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About Roundstone Insurance

Roundstone is an innovative health insurance solutions company. We help small and midsize organizations offer competitive health benefits at a lower cost by self-funding health insurance through our group medical captive. The Roundstone Captive enables companies to self-insure safely by pooling hundreds of employers together to share risk and save money. With easy onboarding and personalized support every step of the way, the Captive offers control, flexibility, transparency, and returns all savings back to employers where they belong. We believe in aligning with the employers’ best interests and remain committed to our mission – quality, affordable healthcare and a better life for all. Roundstone is headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio. Stay connected on our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

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