Quick Guide for Helping Employees Process Emotions Over Terrorism in Israel

CHICAGO, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the death toll of civilians in Israel and Gaza rises, employees around the world are struggling to process a wide range of emotions. Naturally, the pain is even more acute for people with colleagues, relatives, or friends in the region.

While it can be difficult for leaders to say the exact right words during such a difficult time, saying nothing communicates something, too – and is often seen as insensitive. To help leaders have empathetic and caring conversations with their employees, The Grossman Group has released a new guide, 10 Steps to Help Employees Process Difficult Situations.

A Chicago-based leadership and communications consultancy, The Grossman Group has helped hundreds of leaders over more than 20 years navigate crises and upgrade the overall quality of employee communications and lift them up.

“Our guide makes the point that communication on the crisis in Israel today is not about making any sort of political statement or taking sides,” said David Grossman, founder and CEO of The Grossman Group. “Instead, it’s simply about the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment where employees are listened to and feel heard, understood, supported, and respected.”

“I’ve worked directly with many great leaders to improve their communication skills, and what I see is that the best leaders recognize it’s all in service to their most important asset – their employees,” Grossman says. “This guide is a natural outgrowth of our work to make the workplace better and develop a stronger, more inclusive culture where people feel like they belong.”

“It’s critical for everyone to hear that they’re welcomed and that organizations do not tolerate religious discrimination of any kind.”

Grossman said employees working through the tragic events in the Middle East are looking to their leaders and managers for support – and sometimes an opportunity to share what they’re feeling.

The 10-step quick guide for leaders offers insights from Grossman’s philosophy on leading effectively by demonstrating empathy, humanity, and authenticity, what he calls, “Heart First” Leadership.

To download a free copy of the guide, go here.

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