Proud Achievers: Team Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. Graduates From VIP Grow Program

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. has quickly managed to earn a solid reputation in the world of talent acquisition. Led by CEO Dr. Artaisha C. Jenkins, the company partners with Human Resources professionals and executives alike to train employees and match them with organizations that will enhance their existing skill sets, and nurture and sustain their growth.

To that end, Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. has recently graduated from the GROW program at the esteemed Veteran Institute of Procurement. A veteran entrepreneurship program that focuses on federal procurement, VIP offers 27-hour comprehensive certifications programs, and close to 1600 veteran-owned businesses have graduated from this program, till date.

Funded by the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation, the VIP GROW program entails a detailed curriculum that features financing and capital management, insurance, marketing, compliance contracting, risk reduction to companies in terms of veteran owners, as well as their partners and customers, and of course, human resource management.

Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a company that prides itself on being a cut above the rest. Given the current economic climate and the challenges faced by job seekers everywhere, Dr. Jenkins has led the charge when it comes to coaching employees and helping them tap into their true potential.

Speaking to the same, Dr. Jenkins has recently written her debut book, which was released earlier this month to stellar reviews, and has already taken the market by storm. In Thriving During Periods of Unemployment: A Comprehensive Guide for Job Seekers, she handles a sensitive subject with seasoned tact that does more than reflect the wealth of experience under her belt.

Dr. Jenkins continues to be a long-standing proponent of sharing her wisdom and knowledge with her peers. Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. being a graduate of the VIP GROW program speaks volumes about the kind of values she has founded her business on.

Sharper than ever before, Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. is now primed to do what they do best. Understanding the needs of clients, providing employment opportunities to those seeking jobs, while transcending expectations and being at the ready to take on new challenges, there is no telling the kind of excellence the company is set to achieve.

It’s a tough time for both employers and employees as they stand reeling from the onslaught brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. is proving to be a beacon of hope in these dark times. As Dr. Jenkins has phrased so eloquently, having her organization graduate from the VIP GROW program has “truly empowered our organization with all of the tools necessary to refine our corporate strategy, enhance our portfolio of business, and ensure that we are able to support our clients and job seekers well beyond the current pandemic!”


Federal Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a reputable organization that has helped countless businesses and individuals address and resolve issues pertaining to unemployment. For more information, visit, or call 1-877-499-4300. Queries can also be emailed to

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