Primary PartnerCare ACO Achieves New York State’s Highest Quality Score in National Emergency Pandemic Year 2020

GREAT NECK, N.Y., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Faced with the greatest public health threat our country has ever faced, New York-based, Primary PartnerCare ACO Independent Practice Association, Inc (Primary PartnerCare ACO) achieved an almost perfect quality score of 99.69%, the highest score of all ACOs in New York. "Our quality score is a direct testament to the positive outcomes of our deep-rooted doctor-patient partnerships" remarked Harry S. Jacob, MD, Chief Medical Officer.

Primary PartnerCare ACO also achieved record savings for the Medicare program of 7.9% or $12.3M. Primary PartnerCare ACO and its independent physicians received $4.9M.

The Medicare Shared Savings Program ("MSSP") is a voluntary program where physician groups or physicians with hospitals work together to improve the quality of care provided to Medicare beneficiaries and their overall experience with the health system, while implementing patient-centered programs to improve quality of life which ultimately reduces the costs of Medicare to the beneficiaries and the Federal government.

Primary PartnerCare ACO’s 2020 score of 99.69% surpassed the other 19 New York-based ACOs that received performance-based quality scores from Medicare. Primary PartnerCare ACO attributes its year over year success to its unique primary care model, compared to other MSSP ACOs comprised of multispecialty physicians and/or hospital systems. "Because the ACO participants are likeminded primary care physicians, we deliver on our mission of doctors partnering with patients for optimal health and wellbeing" stated Marion Davis, CEO. "During the pandemic, the partnership with our Medicare patients became a lifeline. Week one we deployed our nursing and patient support teams to reach out to our 14,000 Medicare patients to ensure they knew how to reach us" Dr Jacob added, continuing "Our proprietary technology highlighted which patients needed outreach, including all COVID ER visits and admissions." 

For the 2020 performance year, Primary PartnerCare ACO surpassed the New York and national quality scores as can be seen in the below chart:

Medicare data also showed that Primary PartnerCare ACO screened 92.01% of its Medicare patients for future risk of falls compared to the national average for similar MSSP ACOs of 84.97%. "As primary care physicians, it’s our job to partner with our patients and help optimize their quality of life. An avoidable fall for an older adult often sets off a cascade of devastating debilitation" commented Dr Jacob.

Medicare costs continue to grow year over year, and in 2020 exceeded $1 billion. Established by the Affordable Care Act, the MSSP encourages physicians and other providers to collaborate and improve coordination of care, decrease duplication, improve health outcomes and ensure that Medicare beneficiaries are more informed and supported in their health decision-making. The MSSP has different tracks that allow ACOs to select the track that best fits their organizational goals. Primary PartnerCare is moving to Medicare’s 2-sided model starting January 2022.

About Primary PartnerCare®
Primary PartnerCare is a physician-driven organization founded on the belief that private practice primary care physicians in partnership with their patients produce optimal health. Primary PartnerCare ACO has been participating with the MSSP since 2014 and is the only primary care ACO in New York state. In late 2020, Primary PartnerCare launched a single-TIN integrated medical group. In addition to its physician companies, Primary PartnerCare includes a technology-enabled management services organization (MSO) focused on care coordination, outcomes improvement, and the development of proprietary software products for health risk assessment, population health, and predictive analytics. Primary PartnerCare is headquartered in Great Neck, NY. For more information, please visit For MSSP data published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, please visit

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