Presbyterian Healthcare Services Selects Commure Strongline Staff Safety System to Help Protect 7,000 Workers at All Its Facilities

New Mexico health system will deploy Commure Strongline system across 70 buildings to enable clinicians and staff under duress to instantly call for help

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Commure, Inc. today announced that Presbyterian Healthcare Services of Albuquerque, New Mexico, will deploy the Commure Strongline staff safety system across Presbyterian’s entire enterprise, which encompasses 7,000 workers in 70 buildings.

Presbyterian is a not-for-profit healthcare system in New Mexico known nationally for its extensive experience in integrating healthcare financing and delivery. The system comprises nine hospitals, a multi-specialty medical group with more than 1,100 providers, and a statewide health plan; it serves 1 in 3 New Mexicans with healthcare or coverage.

Commure Strongline is a powerful and portable duress-alerting solution that can be easily installed to create safer care environments, help protect clinicians and staff, and ultimately improve engagement and retention. Commure Strongline is built by and for frontline caregivers, proactively preventing workplace violence across all care facilities, regardless of the scale.

Presbyterian successfully piloted Commure Strongline in two of its emergency departments in early 2022. Based on that positive experience, Presbyterian decided to implement the system across its entire enterprise, comprising five million square feet of coverage across 70 buildings. The deployment will begin immediately.

"At Presbyterian, the safety of our workforce is our top priority. By introducing new tools like Commure Strongline, we can help our teams worry less about their safety and focus even more on delivering great care," said Tim Johnsen, chief operating officer, Presbyterian Delivery System.

With Commure Strongline, wearable badges empower any worker to instantly and discreetly call for nearby help — signaling their name and real time location — enabling early intervention and de-escalation. Quick to install and easily scalable, Commure Strongline provides near-instant and always-on protection: 9 in 10 badge-wearers feel an increased sense of safety when dealing with a difficult patient.

"There’s increasing recognition that the COVID-19 pandemic masked the epidemic of workplace violence in healthcare," said Howard Grant, M.D., retired president and CEO of Lahey Clinic and Health System near Boston, and a strategic advisor to Commure Strongline. "And just as the COVID-19 epidemic couldn’t be controlled without masks and vaccines, workplace violence won’t be diminished without thoughtful interventions and investments by health systems. Commure Strongline is transformative upon installation, providing both staff safety and financial benefits."

"We are delighted to have Presbyterian join our roster of leading health systems that recognize the value of Commure Strongline in protecting their workers," Manisha Shetty Gulati, Commure’s chief growth officer, said. "Staff safety is an urgent priority for every health system now; sadly, 75% of all workplace violence incidents occur in healthcare facilities. Research shows that concerns about personal safety contribute to clinician burnout and staff attrition, so healthcare leaders are urgently seeking solutions to the problem for both human and business reasons."

"Our mission has always been to create dramatically safer work environments for those who choose patient care as their profession," Justin Green, head of Commure Strongline services, said. "Healthcare leaders have been appropriately focused on patient safety for the past 20 years; the time has come to apply the same rigor to addressing caregiver safety."

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