Orangered Life Unveils the Revolutionary 25° Ruler – One Ruler to Rule Them All!

LONDON, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Orangered Life, renowned for its innovative approach to everyday tools, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest creation – the 25° Ruler. Building on the success of six Kickstarter campaigns, the company introduces this groundbreaking tool, promising to transform the traditional measuring experience with its unique design and unmatched functionality.

The 25° Ruler emerges from a simple yet transformative idea: a ruler with a 25-degree slope, enabling users to view measurements at a glance without bending over the workspace. This ergonomic design not only enhances readability but also promotes a healthier posture, aligning with Orangered Life’s commitment to combining simplicity with smart design.

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, the ruler is celebrated for its durability, lightweight nature, and scratch resistance. It boasts remarkable features such as starting from zero, dual-sided design with centimeters on one side and inches on the other, clearly labeled tick marks, and all markings precisely laser-engraved. These meticulous details underscore the innovative enhancements brought to the traditional ruler design, elevating its functionality and user experience.

The product offers a versatile range of sizes and a vibrant selection of colors, catering to every designer’s preference and project need. Its user-friendly design includes dual-sided measurements with clearly labeled tick marks, simplifying the conversion between metric and imperial units and eliminating any guesswork.

Orangered Life’s dedication to re-imagining practical tools shines through in the 25° Ruler, making it a must-have for designers, architects, craftsmen, and anyone who values precision and ease in their creative endeavors. The campaign offers backers an exclusive opportunity to be the first to experience the benefits of this innovative tool, ensuring that every detail of their work is executed with clarity and confidence.

Join Orangered Life in bringing this revolutionary product to the creative community and beyond. Back the 25° Ruler on Kickstarter today and start measuring your world in a whole new way.

For further information and to support the campaign, visit their Kickstarter page and become part of a community that values innovation, quality, and design excellence.

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