Oktana Redefines IT Staff Augmentation with Launch of Oktana Direct

Oktana Direct opens access to services previously exclusive to existing customers with the launch of a new staffing model, Tactical Performance Augmentation.

CHARLESTON, W.Va., Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oktana, a boutique software development consulting company specializing in the design and implementation of complex Salesforce solutions, announces the opening of its previously exclusive team augmentation program, Oktana Direct, to new customers. With this launch, Oktana introduces a new staffing model, Tactical Performance Augmentation, designed to solve challenges found in traditional IT staff augmentation models.

Oktana has provided tactical team augmentation services to customers for many years, with very high satisfaction scores and positive feedback due to its performance-based model. Historically, this augmentation model was utilized after large-scale project delivery engagements. Today, Oktana has opened access to Tactical Performance Augmentation, a highly transformative approach to IT staff augmentation, to new customers.

Oktana Direct is the first IT staff augmentation program to introduce Tactical Performance Augmentation. This new model addresses many of the market frustrations currently faced in IT staff augmentation such as slow provisioning of resources, lack of transparency in billing, and inflexible length-of-service contracts.

Oktana Direct aims to solve these challenges with its Team Transparency Profiles and completely customized team size. Along with a month-to-month performance model, Oktana Direct puts customers in control.

Oktana is distributed throughout the Americas with a footprint of 350+ technologists. With generous overlap across time zones and a team skilled in both full stack development and Salesforce technologies, Oktana has been the natural choice for Fortune 500 companies and others facing hiring, economic or technical barriers. With additional onshore resources and SOC 2 certification, Oktana is a natural fit for organizations with high compliance and governance standards.

Oktana Direct provides access to a team holding 500+ Salesforce certifications with deep experience in custom development across Customer 360 including Analytics Cloud, Experience Cloud, MuleSoft, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. In addition to Salesforce, Oktana Direct also provides access to developers with skills in modern development frameworks, languages, and protocols, including:

  • Development: Angular, C+, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, React, React Native, Ruby
  • Testing: Cucumber, Java, Selenium
  • Platforms/DevOps: AWS, Azure, Heroku, MuleSoft

In addition to development and testing resources, Oktana Direct will provide access to business analysts, project managers, designers, and Salesforce administrators.

Oktana architects will remain separate from Oktana Direct to serve the company’s rapidly growing enterprise services business.

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About Oktana

Founded in 2014, Oktana specializes in custom development on the Salesforce platform and complex multi-cloud implementations to help customers connect their systems to Salesforce. For more details, please visit Oktana on the Salesforce AppExchange

Oktana is committed to its mission to bring economic opportunity to growing communities and has invested in building a team across Latin America and in Appalachia, based in West Virginia. Learn more about Oktana’s commitment to CSR.

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