Nurses Can Exchange Patronizing Gifts for What They Really Want This Nurses Week

connectRN introduces "NursesWeakGifts" campaign as new data reveals 63% of nurses say the ways in which employers show their appreciation feel patronizing

WALTHAM, Mass., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nurses save lives. And how do they get recognized, celebrated, and thanked by their employers during Nurses Week? With a lollipop ("for days that suck") and pet rocks (with the words "you rock").

No joke. These are just some of the real gifts nurses have received from their employers at medical facilities they work for. So much so that nurses now wait for Nurses Week to post memes about their employer gift fails.

It comes as a new OnePoll survey from connectRN, the leading platform that connects the nursing community with flexible work opportunities and to each other to build a supportive and thriving network reveals that the majority of nurses – 63% – in America say the typical ways in which employers show their appreciation feel patronizing.

That’s why, this annual National Nurses’ Week, connectRN is launching NursesWeakGifts —a vow to exchange weak gifts with proper presents.

Through a series of videos that highlight common Nurses Week gift fails, connectRN encourages nurses to share a photo of their most ridiculous employer gifts on social media and tag connectRN. If they’re among the first 1,200 to submit, they’ll receive thoughtful appreciation from connectRN, including gift boxes of scented candles, gourmet chocolates, and tea and mugs.

"We launched NursesWeakGifts to make the point that two years into the pandemic, nurses are working harder than ever and feeling underappreciated," said connectRN CEO Ted Jeanloz. "Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, which would collapse without them. We at connectRN believe Nurses Week is a time to show nurses how much we appreciate them and remind employers out there to take a beat and think about a thoughtful way to acknowledge their hard work."

Over 50% of nurses intend to leave their profession. Enter connectRN, a platform of 200,000 nurses that allows them to stay in the profession they love by connecting them to flexible work shifts that meet their needs and schedules, as well as offering them a community of support.

Almost nine in ten nurses believe that nobody understands the work they do, according to connectRN/OnePoll’s survey of 1,000 about how they’re perceived in their profession and by the public. Meanwhile, a whopping 83% feel under-recognized for their work and 63% feel like nurses aren’t seen as "human" by patients and doctors. 

However, the pandemic has had a positive impact on public perception of nurses. Prior to the pandemic, 55% said they were portrayed positively by the media. This has since climbed to 63% now. Nurses still love what they do – 66% describing the work as rewarding and 41% saying it’s joyful – and now is the time for employers to show them appreciation and recognition in a genuine and thoughtful way.

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