New Report Gives Insight to Healthcare Employee Mental Health in 2024

Connections and Relationships are Key to Healthy Well-being

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — VITAL WorkLife, the leading expert in mental health and well-being for healthcare organizations, released the 2024 Well-Being in Healthcare: Trends and Insights report highlighting trends and issues impacting healthcare organizations and systems. For physicians and healthcare professionals, challenges such as stress, anxiety, burnout and isolation have led to increased absenteeism and turnover while also raising concerns about the impact to patient safety and satisfaction. The 2023 data foreshadows mental health trends that will continue into 2024 and allows employers to better support their employees.

One of the main themes of the new report is the importance of connections and relationships to overall well-being. The report explores the impact of fostering meaningful connections among healthcare professionals which can lead to an improved sense of well-being and morale among staff, and improved individual and organizational performance, including patient outcomes. Specifically, the report reviews the importance of connections with respect to oneself, our careers and communities and their impact on healthy well-being.

The 2024 Well-Being in Healthcare: Trends and Insights report summarizes the case engagement data across VITAL WorkLife’s healthcare clients which include over 52,000 physicians and APPs, 60,000 nurses and 165,000 employees. The report shows the issues that rapidly escalated during the COVID pandemic have continued in new ways into 2024. The report is made available by VITAL WorkLife, the leader in mental health and well-being in healthcare in the United States, to help healthcare leaders better support their employees in 2024.

Leonard Pesheck

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